Bruce Lee, the Legend

Bruce Lee, the Legend

The Official Golden Harvest tribute to the Master of the Martial Arts Film, Bruce Lee.

The Official Golden Harvest tribute to the Master of the Martial Arts Film, Bruce Lee. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard L (es) wrote: This movie is a mash-up of every action and sci-fi movie made in the 10 years preceding it's release. The storyline is weak, as are action sequences and character development. However, the special effects are quite good for a B-grade movie.

Javier S (ca) wrote: Basada en un videojuego de capcom para el Nintendo DS ace attorney es una divertida pelicula que trae a la vida una combinacin de comedia y ciencia ficcin divertida

lebbie jane d (ag) wrote: but this is a boring movie even though nick is here

Tom S (gb) wrote: Afterschool? is so mysterious and effective that perhaps it can only be critiqued with random notes (SPOILER ALERT)-Opens with thoughts on the power of video " collage of YouTube. And yet its commentary on how these can seem to become reality. When Robert tries to imitate a porn scene, the director doesn(TM)t highlight this at all; it just happens " and so we almost don(TM)t notice. But we do.-Nice Hamlet reference, replaying the scene of the murder in order to force a confession. Plays in well to the end reveal " which itself doesn(TM)t answer questions so much as raise new ones.-The last shot, I think, relates to solipsism " Robert can(TM)t stop watching these videos of himself (captured by others), so at the end, he concludes he is being filmed in his banal activities.-Rich, Safe Establishment vs. Art and Passion. You didn(TM)t even have music? (a great fuse for the best closing credits music ever). Guidance counselor shut down when trying to help drug-dependent students because their parents are rich. Robert makes a work of art that captures his feeling " alienated, wanting to capture the true reputation of the girls, and is not taken seriously.-The weird angles on a few occasions were more distracting than compelling, and I(TM)m left wondering why the camera was positioned as to show so little " to let us know what we can figure out without seeing everything?

Arseniy V (it) wrote: Three points:1) Extra half-star here for the subject matter being an ongoing and seldom-covered atrocity (as opposed to yet another Holocaust film or somesuch). 2) I dreaded seeing this myself to be honest, but it turned out to be well, well worth it. Like so many of Weisz's projects. (How surprised I would be if SHE turned out to be a shit person.)3) This is the sort of "strong female character" I'll wholeheartedly celebrate. Not the poser bullshit so fashionable these days. Just as douchebags come in both sexes and are most-equally gross, so do genuinely awesome motherfuckers like Bolkovac and Weiz.

Tony R (ag) wrote: An update of T. Mann's Death In Venice, Kwietniowski's film beats with the rythmn and soul of a vibrant work of art. This is such a good movie, it needs to find a wider audience.

Jon L (fr) wrote: Apart from the horror genre, the "serial killer" film is practically a genre unto itself. In the two decades since Anthony Hopkins slithered his way into our hearts as the lovable Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter, there have been scores of imitations/ripoffs depicting multiple murderers as quasi-heroes and/or inherently much more creative than your typical deviant psychopath. John Doe and Jigsaw are the two names that spring immediately to mind; heady, intelligent men who kill not because the addiction that real-life serial killers have, but rather because of some moral stance or revenge.Of course, as facts go (and this is coming from somebody who has done quite a bit of research on the subject), this quite literally COMPLETELY untrue and unrepresentative. Most serial killers are of above average intelligence, not the genius level required to pull off some of the crazy contraptions that Tobin Bell rigs up in the Saw series. In addition to that, their motivation for killing is often sex-based; the compulsion burns inside during a "heating up" period as the individual begins fantasizing and dreaming about their next victim, eventually being overcome by the desire and exploding in a fury of violence. This is most definitely the profile for one Mr. Andrei Chikatilo, a.k.a. "The Rostov Ripper" and the focus of the film Citizen X. In the annals of high crime, Chikatilo's acts - which included not only mass murder, but cannibalism and pedophilia - rank right up there with the luminaries (and if you ever want to really creep yourself out, google the name "Albert Fish").This is definitely not a movie for everybody. The reason? This is one of the most FRUSTRATING and downright difficult films you're ever likely to see, and not in the Saw torture porn "OMG is this really happening?" way, but because of its ability to endear its characters to the viewer and truly make the audience feel for their plight. Due to circumstance, they are unable to do this for the vast duration of the movie. More on that later.Flash back to the early '80s. Setting: Soviet Russia. A farmer is plowing his fields when he spots the image that you're seeing above staring back up at him. The body in question winds up in the possession of Victor Burakov (Stephen Rea, in one of my favorite performances ever - he is infinitely likable in this role, and is fantastic in dialing up the emotion and desperation that the part requires), the region's forensics investigator. On his command, several of his assistants comb the nearby forest for further evidence, and much to everyone's shock return to the morgue with seven more dead bodies - all of them children.Word of warning - Citizen X is a slight message movie, although I don't think it will offend the sensibilities of anyone reading this review or watching the movie. It becomes apparent very early on that Burakov is not in for an easy investigation. Every one of his recommendations for the case are flat-out denied by the Soviet government, and the reason for this is because, according to strict Communist doctrine, serial murder is strictly a result of Western decadence and is impossible in a people's paradise. Time and time again throughout the course of the film (and throughout EIGHT YEARS in real-life, kids), Rea shows up before his superiors, begging for more manpower, more funds, more technology, and time and time again he is told that he is chasing a man who doesn't exist. All the while, the bodies continue to pile up...While the movie is about the acts of Andrei Chikatilo, it's the investigators who really take top billing in Citizen X. Still, the role of Chikatilo was absolutely crucial; some of his murders are shown in intimate detail, from the planning stage to the act of snaring an unsuspecting child to the actual act of killing, and the entire film hinges on having the correct individual play this psychopath. Jeffrey DeMunn, a character actor known as one of Frank Darabont's favorites and a horror veteran, devastates as the guy causing the immense headache for the Soviet bureaucracy. In fact, DeMunn does such a good job in the role that at times we feel sympathy for him; he is shown in some of his quieter life moments - through DeMunn's mannerisms and facial expressions, we can sense what a weak and troubled person he is. Then, in the next scene, he is cannibalizing a young girl. This is some movie, I tell ya.Finally, on the character front, Donald Sutherland appears in an award-winning performance as Colonel Fetisov, a high-ranking member of the military who is concerned only with his standing in the Party at the beginning of the film. The film's true power Citizen X lies in the development of the relationship between Rea and Sutherland. As the years tick by, Fetisov undergoes a transformation, going from one of the staunchest critics of the investigation of the murders into the person who stands up most for Victor Burakov's pleas for more aid. It also doesn't hurt that the two actors have amazing chemistry together - every scene they share is a sight to behold.As a movie that made its way into the public spotlight via HBO, this is a flick that is rarely talked about when the great serial killer and/or horror movies are discussed. Make no bones, this is a film that deserves to be in the conversation. You'll rarely see a movie with actors as perfectly matched to their counterparts (nonfictional as they are), with a script as underivative, and with a true-life story so brutally and honestly told. It's got more than its fair share of blood and guts to sate any horror fan, but Citizen X isn't a movie for the gore hound crowd. It will make you think, it will frustrate the hell out of you at times, and it will make you feel uneasy...but you won't be bored. Not by a long shot.

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: It does what very few serial killer movies do - gives us the story from both sides, and they manage to do it with a 107 minute runtime.

Brynn H (it) wrote: Ehhhhh.... Not really my thing....

Alaine B (ag) wrote: Incredibly intense. Wonderful flamenco dancing and music. Powerful emotions portrayed. Love, passion, betrayal, ghost. This is a great work by Carlos Saura.

Adonis C (it) wrote: This is the most inspiration movie I have ever seen and that's why I will forever wait for you "Sophie".

Adam R (mx) wrote: I wish they'd build an oil well in my backyard.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Did some interesting stuff, but the ending annoyed me.

Nicolas B (gb) wrote: Really hard to follow, therefore I was bored. Maybe I have to watch it again to completely get it. Liked the criticism on american warfare.