Brudeferden i Hardanger

Brudeferden i Hardanger

Based on the novel "Marit Skjølte" by Kristofer Janson, this Norwegian silent movie tells the story of young Marit and her love, Anders, who travels to America to seek his fortune. Without ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brudeferden i Hardanger torrent reviews

Al M (kr) wrote: Funny Games without the tension or social critique....lame! While it is well-made, Cherry Tree Lane is a British home-invasion horror film that lacks any real teeth...

Natalie M (it) wrote: Brilliant film <3 Just jumped on 2 my favourites list ") Love the storyline aswell.

Katerina M (it) wrote: A very good example of Indian Cinema

Bill R (kr) wrote: Not the greatest horror movie but decent. There wasn't much to be scared of. If I was afraid of cars then there could of been something there but I like driving so...And the ending was stragne. I just thought it was going to be something else then how it all turned out.

Joyce C (ag) wrote: very intimate and sensitive view of general public's life, even the story could be bit twisted but still very realistic.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Andrew B (jp) wrote: Honestly I could only stomach watching the first half. It's like a less serious version of the original; simultaneously gory/disgusting, cheesy/funny, and just bad.

Jesse F (jp) wrote: Just like the original with an awesome tropical setting.

Nolan M (ca) wrote: A great movie based on a Stephen King story. Johnny Depp gives a brilliant performance.

Brandon T (fr) wrote: This movie comes across as a parody of the original film rather than an actual sequel.

Pia K (jp) wrote: Kerrassaan huono komedia...