Blacklisted after crashing a runway presentation, a flamboyant Austrian fashionista travels to the United States, where he hopes to launch a celebrity interview show. Perhaps when Brüno finds an activity that he truly does love, he will also find that über-fame he so desperately desires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lansden S (jp) wrote: It's kinda entertaining

Justin B (ca) wrote: The shtick only continues to grow thin and its more than unnecessary but like every outing in this franchise, its far more clever and better written than it should be.

Markus M (es) wrote: The only thing more baffling than the bad acting, cheap effects, lack of clear motivation for any of the characters' actions and the unclear plot is the fact that a film plagued by this many problems came from a director as experienced and seemingly talented as Francis Ford Coppola.4,5/10

Riona H (ca) wrote: Really enjoyed it :)

Kevin S (au) wrote: Now here is a film with an identity crisis. It promotes itself as a "dark comedy" but it's not until about 45 minutes into the movie that comedic elements become apparent. Up until that time it's just plain "dark". If you're disturbed by brutal violence against women then you should skip the first half of the film. If you're disturbed by brutal violence against Kevin Pollak then you are better off skipping the second half. If you're a fan of really good dark comedies that merge the two elements well then you're better off renting Fargo and skipping this one entirely.

Jay C (mx) wrote: [2011.10.25 @Funshion] Disturbing. Don't know why this story has to be made as a movie?

Karl M (jp) wrote: Great use of dramatic irony. As each character develops their own idea of what the hell is going on, the audience has the privilege of watching conflict and struggle arise from nothing and ultimately fall apart. Such a fun movie.

Alex S (ag) wrote: Strange, but unique, and weird to the point of hallucinatory, He was a Quiet Man is darkly funny with many interesting characters, but a thinly written script.

THOMAS S (ca) wrote: Well this movie was pretty stupid! If you are truly bored and want to see something's OK. But, it's definitely not worth paying to see!

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Worth watching would like to see and study.

Laura D (ag) wrote: This movie is cinema magic. Dolphin pool sex for the win! "We could have had Paula...or Janet...but we chose Nomi".

Adnan M (ru) wrote: Love every movie Madhuri is in. Love Shahrukh as a villain. However i dont like the songs

Trevor C (br) wrote: Steven Seagal in Alaska. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YIKES!!!!

Steve S (de) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Andrew B (mx) wrote: Awesome Schwarzenegger flick, This is a Classic film!

Hannah D (br) wrote: This is really a beautiful film with lovely snowy scenes and gorgeous background music. The subject matter back then was much more of a bigger deal than it is now, which is why the storyline itself felt a little bit flat. But I am a sucker for aesthetics, so I think it deserves a high rating for its feel-good factor alone.

Aditya M (gb) wrote: Few things you will ever experience will ring as real, and as heartbreaking as this masterpiece of cinema. This is a film that everybody should watch.

Robert B (mx) wrote: Quirky film by an insightful director examines a serious subject in an unconventional manner. Turturro examines how legalistic religious and cultural practices can promote a traditional system to the detriment of the love starved individuals trapped in the system. These life weary individuals end up paying for the love that they yearn for with more than money.

Adam D (ru) wrote: terrible film the down fall of nolte's career

Brendt M (es) wrote: Really Guillermo Del Toro, I wanted more. The colours, shots were great. But you can't touch Pan's Labyrinth and that looks like what you were trying to replicate here. Ok for Halloween but tooooo long. Could have made a decent short story maybe.The dad was not protective enough, the girl was dumb, and the would-Be boyfriend/ physician took FOREVER to save t he day almost worst than The Shining.