When a shy girl, secretly in love with her rocker-grrl housemate, meets an unbalanced heiress on the run, anything could (and does) happen in BRUSHFIRES, the latest production from Chicago-based film group Split Pillow. As the three women negotiate the dangerous relationships among them, the seven women directors weave a sensual tale of suspense. Drawing inspiration from the poem by Jessica Wilbur and the surrealist parlour game, The Exquisite Corpse, each director selected a word or phrase on which to base her segment, and the seven chapters of the film bear their individual marks. This impressive experiment in filmmaking emerges as a sensitive tale of young desire, loss, and love's confusion.

When a shy girl, secretly in love with her rocker-grrl housemate, meets an unbalanced heiress on the run, anything could (and does) happen in BRUSHFIRES, the latest production from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc L (ru) wrote: bizarre, dark, and a really fun ride

ismael r (es) wrote: Bitter feast holds a note worthy performance from James LeGros and is very nicely handled but this mostly dull horror film offers up little new other than food to its genre. The film is your typical revenge torture porn horror flick,but just like other films that contain consistent torture it tries to offer up its torture in a different way by telling a different story.This films story throws in some food, a psycho chef and an ass whole critic.Thats about all unique this film has to offer.I can see how some directors would think they could offer up a unique experience bye adding their own little twisted story mixed in with torture porn,i dont mind that,The problem is that they rarely ever execute.Sadly director Joe Maggio falls upon this same fate. The film doesn't have enough steady suspense or scares to be a good horror film nor does it have enough torture or horrific violence to be good torture porn.The film is somewhere in the middle, somewhere where its tittle may be two things, dull torture porn or misguided horror.The film is not a good one either way you look at it,but i am not saying you should skip bitter fest entirely. If your into good performances theirs a nice one dished out by James LeGros,The films editing is great and Theres a nice creepy score on hand that really sets the mood for the film.All these aspects dont add up to a good film but its a film that may hold just enough good for some horror fans to enjoy.

Rodrigo C (au) wrote: O acervo de imagens (C) grande mas a trajetria (C) contada de forma muito superficial. Se quiser poupar tempo, uma consulta no Wikipedia substitui o filme.

Sarah D (it) wrote: Girlie movie with LOTS of singing and dancing. That'll all I can comment on. Nothing else.

Kelly K (nl) wrote: Picture "The Exorcist", but with a much lower budget and an all-black cast. William "Blacula" Marshall brings some dignity to the proceedings as the heroic minister, otherwise there's little to recommend this one.

Greg N (gb) wrote: The only John Wayne doing Dirty Harry stuff movie that is worth watching. Brannigan is lame compared to this. Mostly cause it doesn't involve John Wayne going crazy with an uzi in the end like this one does. It's got Clu Gulager. He went to the same college as me and makes up for the fact we produced Thomas Harris too. John Wayne would uzi Thomas Harris in the face.

David F (br) wrote: I give this two and a half stars and they all belong to Soledad Miranda, a ravishing, sophisticated beauty who soars above the cheesy z-movie spy thriller material with her magnificent outfits, body, dancing, and acting.

Veniea T (it) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Mark D (au) wrote: The acting was good, but that was the only thing that was good. There wasn't a good story line and I found it just plain weird. The first one was way better.

TheRantingAnchor R (ag) wrote: Great fun, with lots of scares and fun to boot, even if its sequel is better in every way. Despite being wildly uneven in tone, it still manages to be a great movie.

Darwin K (us) wrote: very out there & trippy.