In a small town, a serial killer mutilates the bodies of his victims and leaves a flower on the corpses. The sheriff and his wife/deputy investigate the murders while trying to keep from alarming the citizens. They team up with an autistic hound dog trainer to try to track the killer.

A young sheriff's deputy, Zoe Adams, investigates a series of murders and soon realizes a serial killer is on the loose. As she and her boss, sheriff Jimmy Fleck, feel the pressure of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brutal torrent reviews

Shirley G (gb) wrote: All I can say is creepy. It physically made me uncomfortable to watch it yet I did because of the strength and reputation of the actors. I wouldn't recommend.

Brad S (ag) wrote: Great crime drama that deals with some serious issues and some really great performances and a wonderful script. Cronenberg is 100% one of the best directors around

Naiwa N (gb) wrote: The only reason I decided to watch this film was because Mila Jovovich starred in it. The synopsis looked promising, too. The stunning Mila taking revenge on an abusive boyfriend who lived a life of crime with her, while seducing others in her path. However, Mila didn't even live up to her potential in this film. This movie didn't execute her great plan, it executed Mila's reputation for being the famous sexy but lethal star in the Resident Evil franchise. Instead, it made her look like white trash in a pointless film that seemed to revolve around lesbian affairs, sex with anyone to get really no where, and a crime thirsty man who has no respect for women. What is even worse than this film is Mila taking on such a role.

William W (nl) wrote: It was wonderful seeing John Cassavetes and wife Gena Rowlands play brother and sister, each with serious sanity issues, in 'Love Streams' (I had only previously seen them together in the stellar 'Opening Night', my favourite Cassavetes film), from a script he co-wrote with the author of the 1980 stage play, Ted Allan (Cassavetes' character, Robert Harmon, was originally played by Jon Voight on stage). While his earliest film, 'Shadows', is least pleasing to me simply because I don't feel his cast there was of the quality necessary to handle that large degree of spontaneity and improvisation, by two decades later, he had refined (and perhaps perfected) his approach, and it's a great day for the two stars as well as stock company mainstay Seymour Cassel, who's always a treat to see. I strongly urge that if you have a sibling you love but currently have problems relating with, to take the time, watch the film with them, and learn something about yourself. This is probably the finest moment of Golan-Globus Films as well...

Akiko F (ag) wrote: It's kinda excited to see Real basquiat & real NY 80's scene... I actually expected this is documentary, but not. As fiction, I was bored a little bit with the story...

Juli N (de) wrote: Surprisingly funny, warm, touching and vastly underrated!