Brutal Box

Brutal Box

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Brutal Box 2011 full movies, Brutal Box torrents movie

Carlos Martin is an unemployed salesman. Willing to find a job he decides to offer his services on the Internet but he doesn't get any results. His dramatic personal situation and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brutal Box torrent reviews

IOnell S (ag) wrote: Claire Danes ha sido una de mis favoritas actrices por mucho tiempo y aqu demuestra porque. Un papel hecho a la medida. Muy buen biopic.

Gordon D (gb) wrote: Geoffrey Rush is excellent as usual and the 13 year old heroine fills the part skillfully, including the accent. It's a family friendly movie about the horrors of WWII, so while it doesn't sugar coat the truth, it also dispenses with the graphic violence that has become almost stock fare. It made me reconsider what could reasonably be expected of the German populace who did not hate the Jews but feared they would be taken next.

Humaira R (gb) wrote: its an awesome movie

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Decent enough movie about how HIV affects two people. Gordon-Levitt shined even at such a young age.

David B (kr) wrote: A masterpiece in every sense of the word, and like so many masterpieces it is only made more complete by it's foibles. Alternately bewildering, freewheeling, taut and complex, the film delivers Betty's collapsing mental health in terms that are surely more disturning than any film since. Dalle has never been more erotic, nor more of a shambling mess, and Anglade never more charismatic. Essential, still.

Jake Z (it) wrote: The more you know about "rock'n'roll" the funnier it probably is, but even those not in the know will still find it laugh out loud hilarious. There's also some great tunes here, even when the lyrics make it unable to sing with a straight face.

Jeffrey M (it) wrote: A great film, Gene Wilder stars as Michael Jordon, an architect who gets caught in the middle of a murder and espionage within the government. The late Gilda Radner stars in this classic 1982 film. A great and underrated film.

Rahul P (it) wrote: Bite the bullet has breathtaking visuals, several intriguing characters and an endurance race that spans the almost entire length of the movie itself. The horses trek miles through mountains, deserts and rivers over several days to reach the finish point first, for a prize pot of 2000 dollars. The racers are an interesting bunch. One is a Mexican with a tooth ache, another, a kid who mouths profanities every second and treats horses like slaves. There is a Miss Jones, the tough female racer who is doing it for her convict-husband. Then there is Sam Clayton (Gene Hackman) who loves horses, even stays back for people who fall ill or get hurt during the race, kind of a cowboy messiah. Its got everything going for one hell of a picture, but let me remind you that its an endurance race that crosses 2 hours on the screen. :) We start to really feel it by then.

Sam S (br) wrote: Profoundly unsettling. Like an Edward Albee play mashed up with what I assume a Takashi Miike film is like.

Jaime R (au) wrote: One of Kurosawa's finest.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Early Hammer horror about a radioactive mud creature that terrorizes a small Scottish village. The film does take itself more seriously than most 1950s sci-fi/horror films, even if the premiss is awfully silly. Still, it's a well made low-budget film that is well worth watching for fans of these sorts of films.