Brutal Incasso

Brutal Incasso

Michael and Jim are contemplating a change of career, but something comes in the way.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brutal Incasso torrent reviews

Eliabeth P (de) wrote: Less creepy than you would expect

Bora B (br) wrote: Maybe a bit harsh but great black humor from Norwegian flmmakers. As they go from positive to negative thinking, it made me laugh much.... I enjoyed much...

Samuel M (us) wrote: La OTRA gran pelcula basada en el personaje de Jack Ryan junto a La Caza del Octubre Rojo, e interpretada por un Harrison Ford en estado de gracia que toma la batuta de Alec Baldwin. Ha sido el nico que ha interpretado dos veces al personaje de Tom Clancy, por algo ser. Ojito tambin con Willen Dafoe, que aparece poco, pero cuando lo hace roba cada plano.Phillip Noyce no es John McTiernan, y eso es palpable en la direccin sin embargo Peligro Inminente es uno de esos thrillers noventeros que son pura delicia de ver, con un guin bien trabajado, y una forma de ser trepidantes pero no excesivos, que ya se ha olvidado. S la trama es pica, pero es realista hasta cierto punto y esto hace que podamos indentificarnos ms con Ryan, un personaje muy alejado de los James Bonds o Jason Bournes. ESO es lo que hace tan interesante al personaje, su humanidad y "simpleza". Ryan piensa, y luego acta, Su hbitat es un despacho rodeado de informes, no un xito paradero y eliminando enemigos con sus manos.Peligro inminente es una de esas joyas de los noventa.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Friday, January 13, 2012 (1988) Dragons Forever (In Chinese With English subtitles) ACTION/ COMEDY Simplistic plot vehicle which is nothing more than to showcase Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and Yuen Baio doing their stuff. It is also the last movie the three of them appeared together, the others were "Project A", "Wheels On Meals" and "My Lucky Stars" and it's sequel! Jackie is a lawyer defending frequent baddie Yuen Wah, whose also polluting the drinking waters as a result of processing some illegal drugs, unbeknowned that their was some illegal activity happening. Some of the highlights was Jackies fight in the boat and his fight with ex- kickboxing champion with a perfect record of 50 wins Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. 4 out of 4

JDouglas M (kr) wrote: All three movies were excellent. However, Burt Reynolds & Sally Fields do not star in the 3rd movie, It's still a timeless classic. The 3rd movie does have the Snowman in it, but he doesn't play the Bandit, just his role in the movie. The Enos father & son are in it. Also has Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice & his Tick Terd Son. All 3 movies are timeless classics & are a must have for any movie collector. I don't know how many times I've seen them. But I laugh every time I watch any of them. Tho I usually like to watch all 3 in one day.

Keith E (us) wrote: jousting on bikes? what's not to like!

John B (fr) wrote: Funny classic movie from Don Knotts and cast and one worth watching

Haroon H (fr) wrote: bullshit movie ever said from my sister ariane

Elena L (nl) wrote: I know this is one of those movies that I'm supposed to like, but I just don't Maggie Smith does amazing job and I can appreciate it, but it's just not interesting on any level to me.