Bu ze shou duan

Bu ze shou duan

Kung Fu idol Bruce Li plays Lee Ting Yi, A Hong Kong taxi driver whose striking resemblance to Bruce Lee catches the eye of one of his passengers who happens to be a movie producer. Lee is ...

Nobody would think that Bruce Li and Yuen Wo Ping has much in common but this epic film proves otherwise. After the death of Bruce Lee a new star is chosen and mayhem follows. The whole Yuen Clan contributes in what could be Li's greatest action scenes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kishan d (kr) wrote: y ppl keep sayin ohh gr8 movie I donno wat ppl see in a movie no story At all garbage movie fr me I would give half star

Scotty D (ca) wrote: Honestly, not really understanding all the hate for this movie. Apollo 18 succeeds in an area that most found footage movies do not, and that is: Actually showing you the thing you're supposed to be scared of. Whereas Blair Witch Project doesn't give you anything and paranormal acitivity comes in at the very end, this movie starts being scary about 30 minutes in. The editor did a pretty good job of putting in technical difficulties with the camera when they were needed to keep the viewer going, and there was a mini twist at the end that is quite well done. However, some knocks on the film: Poor character development. There's really only a brief showing of any character's opinion or past at all. There's just enough in there with Ben's cassette tape of his son;s recording to even call anyone in this film a character, versus some dudes on a spaceship. Also, I can barely tell the two dudes apart until one of them is (spoliers) infected. Also, I'll agree with negative critics and say that it gets boring in spots to the point where the creepiness isn't even interesting anymore because nothing different happens with it until the last 10 minutes. Even with all that though, it still gave me the creeps and kept me watching, so something was done very right with this film.

Adrian B (au) wrote: Disastrous movie about a book which was lost and is found hundreds of years later in the future. The person who finds it with the aide of time travel is determined to find the author to ask certain questions when reading it

Sheila M (kr) wrote: Pretty funny romp through zombie babe land. LOL!

Greg W (gb) wrote: Yeah, the one with Macaulay Culkin and Ted Danson. Avoid at all conceivable cost.

Volker M (jp) wrote: Been looking to get this flick on DVD for years - hard to come by. But definitely worth it. Just a great, great movie.

Bryan M (gb) wrote: Superbly acted drama about a pickpocket who picks the wrong pocket and gets more than he bargained for. Dark and moody, with genuinely interesting characters.

Shawn M (de) wrote: Evenly convincing performances. Davis and Boyer hardly ignites any sparks but she is great with the children.

Shary A (gb) wrote: didnt like the fact that Amando was manipulated so much by hypnosis!

Luca D (mx) wrote: Le tematiche trattate sono interessanti, pero' manca quel tocco di "romanticismo" e la regia in questo non aiuta. Non c'e' mai una scena ispirata, l'attore principale non convince particolarmente, la storia procede velocemente ma senza mai essere un minimo analizzata. Un'opera poco matura a mio avviso; ci sono film magari non riusciti ma dove si vede che qualcosa di buono c'e' e che il regista puo' esprimere di meglio, in questo caso e' il contrario, sembra che il regista sia una mezza sega e che oltre non puo' andare.

Louisa T (nl) wrote: This is always fun to watch.

Cattera Y (jp) wrote: Tower HeistBen Stiller is going to be a great Ant-Man

Josh F (au) wrote: Have yet to see this chick do less-than-awesome work.