Bubbe Meises: Bubbe Stories

Bubbe Meises: Bubbe Stories


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bubbe Meises: Bubbe Stories torrent reviews

katsist (it) wrote: A guilty pleasure in my book, but it still kicked but. I also like the methods used to extract people and the consequences that could happen if something goes wrong. Every one was in their usual acting element, or played similar characters before. I got to admit looking back this is pretty generic.

Ava P (mx) wrote: A nice teen movie that all the girls would understand. Fun.

Roy C (ca) wrote: More regal than The Princess Diaries. Julie Andrews looks like a wreck.

Alex r (us) wrote: Holy Man is one of the worst films that Eddie Murphy has done. This is the type of film that is void of effective humor and has a bad script to rely on. This is one of many bad films that Eddie Murphy has starred in, and it is a painful laugh free comedy that really doesn't have anything interesting going for it. The film is poorly directed, and has stale jokes that just aren't funny. The film never succeeds at being funny, and the only thing that it succeeds is being a bad film. Holy Man just doesn't have that special ingredient which made Eddie Murphy such a funny guy in previous films. Luckily he would redeem himself with Bowfinger, but that would be short lived because he would continue making bad, laugh free and uninspired garbage. Holy Man just relies on a poorly written script and the story could have used a lot more development. Stephen Herek fails to direct something consistent here and he ultimately doesn't have what it takes to create a good comedy. Holy Man simply doesn't deliver anything good; it's an underdeveloped film, one that was destined to fail right from the start. If you're expecting a good film with this one, you'll be sadly disappointed. This is one of many bad films starring Eddie Murphy, and he really doesn't make you laugh in this one. Simply a bad film that could have been much better than what it turned out to be. I thought that this film was quite awful and is one of those films that aren't memorable whatsoever. Avoid this one; it definitely isn't worth your time.

Ingela A (nl) wrote: I read the book which had much more atmosphere and the film unfortunately don't come close to that standard, even if Denzel is one of my favorites and plays really well.

Oscar T (kr) wrote: He aqu otra maravillosa adaptacin de una novela de Stephen King con dos grandiosas interpretaciones.

Dammy G (ru) wrote: This is only the first in a REALLY long line of sequels, and I'm already waiting for the asteroid to come kill these dinosaurs. Dear... sweet... SHIT!

Simon D (ru) wrote: Naomi Watts and Vincent Cassel in a film together is enough for me. The story is alright and it does get pretty brutal at times. It's about the Russia mafia in London, so unless you've seen other films on this subject then I guess you'd agree it's quite an original plot. Surprisingly, it doesn't resemble any of the crap British cockney gangster films at all; they did well to steer clear of that Guy Ritchie style rubbish.