Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy

Jimmy is young man who was born without an immune system and has lived his life within a plastic bubble in his bedroom... who pines for the sweet caresses of girl-next-door Chloe. But when Chloe decides to marry her high school boyfriend, Jimmy -- bubble suit and all -- treks cross-country to stop her. Swoosie Kurtz, as Jimmy's overprotective mom, co-stars along with Fabio, who portrays the leader of a religious cult.

Jimmy Livingston (Jake Gyllenhaal) has happy life for 16 years.He grew up normally like any other child, the only difference is that he must live in a sterile bubble. All items, which are given for Jimmy, must disinfect. And his life changes when he falls in love with the girl nextdoor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mira Mohd S (gb) wrote: Director/ Writer Habib Faisal (Ishaqzaade) has an interesting concept on paper, embroiling a con film with famous Hyderbadi-Lucknow dishes while preying on a long running social evil of our country. But somewhere down the line the film is lost in translation. The first half of the film is entertaining & sweet but the second half stumbles by being half cooked, slow, illogical and baseless. Aditya and Parineeti, both, did complete justice to their roles, by getting their accents right & leading their slightly over-the-top characters to come to life. Among the supporting cast, Anupam Kher is as always great. The best part of the film is the portrayal of various demanding parents and suitors (hilarious) - their mannerisms, the way their 'requests for help' were communicated (since no one actually uses the word dowry) and also the communication between the spouses. The music is average. All in all Daawat-E-Ishq, is an average Bollywood rom com which will find it difficult for an average movie goer to differentiate itself from other films in this genre, especially without the food.

Ovande F (fr) wrote: I think critics got this wrong. This is a great film.

Arun S (us) wrote: Cool and Funny Movie

Samitha G (ru) wrote: Great actors, awesome actions and an emotional movie. A must see..

Jeremy J (es) wrote: I thought it was really well done. Maybe I'm a bit biased because this was filmed in a place that is very near and dear to me, The Rocky Point Haunted House in Utah. The house has been closed for a few years now and this remains one of the few memories of what was once one of the greatest Haunts nationwide.I knew they had filmed a movie at RPHH but I could never seem to find out if it had been released. I stumbled across this by accident and from the description I immediately knew this had to be it. I like Ryan Little and the films he has made so I was happy to see this was one of his. I wasn't prepared for it to look as polished as it did, not that Ryans films aren't polished, he has made some amazing films. In a time when we see hundreds of straight to DVD horror flicks hitting the shelves, most of which look like they were filmed in someone's backyard with a hand held camcorder, House of Fears looked great and was better than half the horror crap thats being released lately.If your a horror fan who's looking for buckets of blood and gore this won't feed your appetite. If your into the recent glut of torture porn then this is not your cup of... tea... at all. It's not heavy on the special effects, no CGI (thank the Lord), and honestly I didn't find it all that terribly scary, but I think that it did a good job of raising the tension levels and keeping you entertained and I rather see a good ol' supernatural flick like this than another Saw or Hostel anyday.The actors, for the most part, all did a great job and I loved the cameo by one of Supernaturals own, Jared Padalecki. I felt there were a few weak performances but alot of that was due to a slightly lacking script. Some of the dialog was just terribly bad and I felt it dragged down what could have been a much better movie. I liked the humor but I think it could have taken itself a little more seriously and still been able to hold its own.Some of the creature effects were well done and the sets were top notch. RPHH was one of the most visually stunning Haunts around with some absolutely incredible makeup artists handling the actors on a nightly basis. Cydney Neil had a real artistic flair and utilized some of the best in the business to build and decorate the amazingly detailed sets in her Haunt. Her black-light maze was second to none and had to be seen in person to really get the full effect of its magnificence. So what disappointed me most was that we didn't get to see more of these sets as well as more of the incredible makeup work and actors who brought life to RPHH. I think adding more of these things could only have enhanced the movie and made it that much more visually stunning.For many of the RPHH alumni and those who miss exploring its hallowed halls each Halloween season, this movie may serve as a sort of memory book to remind us of the greatness that was the house that Cyd built. RPHH is timeless and it's nice to see it immortalized in a fairly decent homage. For that reason I would give it 5 stars. But this review is to serve those who want to see a decent horror movie and in that respect I give it a 4 based on a weak script and slightly weak story. All in all though, I think this wasn't a waste of time and if you like a good thriller and don't need gore galore I don't think you will be disappointed in watching House of Fear... Check it out. I think if your looking for something with a more bloody body count you should definitely check out Dark Ride.

Terry D (jp) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary, which is a twofold tale of the first real television network for cineastes (i.e. film geeks) of its kind, serving the Los Angeles metropolitan area from the mid '70s to the early '90s, and the visionary master programmer Jerry Harvey who elevated the network to documentary-worthy heights. Director Xan Cassavetes (daughter of the legendary independent and iconoclast filmmaker John Cassavetes) spun these stories with an engaging and fun style. She accomplished this in a number of ways. There are the great testimonials on the philosophy and workings of Z Channel from many of the key people who were there with Harvey for the station's epic-but-all-too-abbreviated glory days, along with the several featured artists, some of whom benefited from the existence of Z directly and some who were inspired by it before breaking into the business. Some of my favourite film people are in here -- Jim Jarmusch, Robert Altman, Henry Jaglom, and Quentin Tarantino, among them. Of course, what all of these people have in common is a genuine love for film as an art form and they convey it beautifully in the finished product here. Also effective and important to this story are the plethora of given examples of Z Channel's diverse programming - titles, titles, titles (I took note of some stuff I haven't seen yet, but want to, such as "The Leopard," "Images," and "Overlord") - which sumptuously show the sheer scope of what was served up for hungry film lover's consumption. I was most impressed by Z's dedication to airing the complete and uncut versions of such films as "Berlin Alexanderplatz" (15-and-a-half hours long) "Heaven's Gate," "1900," and "Das Boot," to name a few. Then there's the tragic story of Jerry Harvey, himself. I really liked how Cassavetes used segments of a radio interview of Harvey in the parts of the film that zoomed in closely on his life, which becomes more and more haunting because from the beginning we know how it's going to end. The whole thing is quite a saga and makes for some truly compelling stuff. The dvd set includes a mini-representation of an issue of Z Magazine and is a terrific added bonus. I quite like the writings and stylings of critic F.X. Feeney, who was a featured contributor in this film as well as serving as one of its producers. There's also an additional disc of extras. This dvd set is a true treasure indeed.

Cynthia S (gb) wrote: Innovative, ground breaking cinema? No. But it's still a pretty decent ride, and this movie is filled with cameos. I wouldn't own the movie, but it is what it is. An hour of action, and drama that unfolds with the hollywood ending that you knew was coming all along. Obviously written as revenge against the real Paparazzi out there.

Rodney S (de) wrote: This very black and bloody horror comedy is a real favorite of mine, ever since I first saw it on cable several years ago. Tarantino saw the original short film while promoting his Reservior Dogs at an Italian film festival, and suggested the filmmakers to expand it to a feature film, and he would produce it. They did of course, and to me, this is a work of art, with a film score that fits about as perfect to the scenes as any I have seen. Angela Jones plays Gabriela, a Columbian beauty that has moved to Miami, and has an obsession with bloody crime scenes. She gets a job with a company that cleans up crime scenes, and she starts following the news accounts of a serial killer played by William Baldwin. After his recent murder, she gets assigned the job of cleaning up the bloody mess, and doesn't know it, but the killer is locked in the wine closet because he left a clue to his identity. Soon, there is the grand finale, which is a danse macabre between the two, with an ending that knocked me out of my chair when I first saw it. This is black comedy at it's darkest and most fun, and the DVD is loaded with features including an intro and outro by Tarantino. It also contains the original 30 minute short version of the movie. I absolutely love this movie, and recommend it very highly.

Deadly V (nl) wrote: Terrific 80's low-budget sci-fi cult gem!

Jason M (fr) wrote: Surprisingly not as bad as expected. This movie is rare and difficult to find. Good luck in finding it. My former 60+ colleague is obsessed with this film, believing he is the present embodiment of the lead character. He tried to acquire the rights to this film with a view to producing a modern remake. Unfortunately, he did not score the deal...I guess he wasn't exactly a "Cash McCall"!!

James H (ca) wrote: 79/100. This is certainly one of the best musicals to come out of the 1940's. The pairing of Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth is surprisingly effective. The score is great and contains memorable songs. Good art direction and it's nice blend of romance, music and comedy. Excellent supporting cast. Adolphe Menjou, Isobel Elsom and Xavier Cugat are all terrific.

Scott W (es) wrote: Trashy, exploitation horror with amateurish performances and some terrible special effects is strangely charming and with an unspecified style all of its own.

Ashlee B (gb) wrote: Its Okey. That kind of nice movie that i would have playing in the background when im trying to sleep. Hugh Grant is always that ditzy funny guy!