Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum

Jamshedpur-based Vedant Rawat lives a middle-classed lifestyle with his parents, Mukund and Sudha; and an elder deaf-mute brother, Vidhur, who is enrolled in a Delhi-based hostel - in an era before mobile phones, Internet and Facebook. He has a crush on Jenny, who studies in Sacred Heart Convent School, and lives a wealthy lifestyle with her father, who is a senior police officer, mother and a younger brother. He meets on the sly with her and both share bubble gum. Vedant will soon face challenges when Vidhur comes to visit for Holi and he will be required to spend more time with him then with Jenny; while a fellow-student, Ratan Singh Chauhan, is determined to woo and win Jenny's affections at any and all costs. Things get complicated even more after a disturbed Vedant damages Vidhur's hearing aid, and starts stealing in order to get even with Ratan.

A teenager faces interfering parents, a sibling, and a rival for the girl he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dann W (nl) wrote: Funny, cute and poignant even if it is a bit predictable. Good performances by the main cast.

Pavan R (mx) wrote: Tense movie with some amazing insight into group dynamics. The constantly changing interaction due to changing circumstances is so well captured here. Great job by the cast and director with a simple but intriguing story.

Joel K (us) wrote: The movie somehow manages to be both boring and engrossing at the same time.

Prashant M (au) wrote: There was one thing good about this movie that it finally ends.

Patrick M (mx) wrote: Not a huge Foxx fan but I enjoyed this show.

Al H (fr) wrote: Excellent film with a great cast

Private U (kr) wrote: based on my favourite author, ms. Sagan...

Lauren M (jp) wrote: I really enjoy court room dramas, but this one was just not very good. The writing didn't draw me in, nor did I care for the characters. The pace of the movie felt slow. It was one of those movies that, shortly after you start it, you think you should turn it off and walk away, but still want to know what happens. When it's over you think, "Yeah, I should have just turned it off when I had the chance." If you are looking for the next great courtroom drama, this won't be it.

Cj O (fr) wrote: Although many websites claim the remake is better, they don't understand the heart John Wayne and Glen Campbell exuded in this great flick.