Bububu no Bobobó

Bububu no Bobobó


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Kim S (nl) wrote: Quirky and entertaining it is not your average highschool drama. However a lot is happening all at once. It is also one of those movies that feels like they felt like they needed to resolve everyone's issue at the end which lead to some corny resolutions. I did enjoy watching it for the acting was great and the characters were interesting even though clich

Colin H (mx) wrote: romantic. paris. lovely.

Nic (br) wrote: This movie is an odd independent picture with a unique plot. I couldn't really call it a psychological horror although I can see how someone would. It seems to me that it's more of a sci-fi flick if you ask me.

Adi R (us) wrote: costly bt lameeeeeee

Steve U (au) wrote: Surprisingly good monster flick. Worth a watch

Felicia C (de) wrote: "Japanese women are such sluts." "Blame the men, they lost the war." Two quotations from the film that sum it up. Suzuki explores the reassertion of Japanese masculinity following the emasculation of the war through the lives of a band of prostitutes and their relation to one ex-soldier.

Alex K (kr) wrote: 1972's The Godfather Is My Fourth Favorite Film Of All Time And 1994's Pulp Fiction Is My Seventh Favorite Film Of All Time.

Jim A (jp) wrote: An alright animated direct to video action flick showing us the longtime comic conflict between Superman and Brainiac. Its a huge improvement over Brainiac attack but it only wets my appitite for a live action Superman versus Brainiac war

Michael V (ag) wrote: Two men in a small, dirty, apartment discussing life, suicide, and purpose. The premise may seen dull but I assure you these actors keep you engaged and interested in how it will all end.The final 15 minutes build to a speech by Jones that is thought provoking and deep.

Jose Luis M (au) wrote: Agradablemente estpida , Zoey Deschanel me deslumbraste