Buchanan Rides Alone

Buchanan Rides Alone

A Texan pits a powerful family against itself to save a Mexican from hanging.

Texan Tom Buchanan is heading back home with enough money to start his own ranch, but when he stops in the crooked town of Agry, he's robbed and framed for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javis C (nl) wrote: It may not be the best mexican film ever made, but at last it is one of the most original comedy mexican film I have ever watched. So much fun, different, ironic, and charming.

a (es) wrote: At times this movie had me pinned. I couldn't turn back to the mad-magazine. But that's easy. Just take a timeless subject matter. Throw in some torture and raping of children, and you have anyones attention... But that psychic business. What the hell?!? At one point, Antonio almost threw a fortune cookie at the general!

Grayson D (fr) wrote: Great film, with brilliant performances which also pays homage to the classics of Italian Neo-Realism.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 10/23/2015: A pretty decent zombie flick and possibly one of the better ones out there. The cast is pretty average, but they did well.

Wiebke K (fr) wrote: Yes, it is from 1977, and yes, it is in Greek with subtitles, but still -- you have Irene Papas as a great Klytemnestra and the powerful message of what are you willing to sacrifice when you go to war. And the spin this one does on Achilles' budding relationship with Iphigenia and what her sacrifice and stance might mean for him to live up to is quite interesting.

Veronica L (mx) wrote: JUST AS GOOD AS HIS DAD LOL

Matthew M (mx) wrote: A great homage to the classic age of cinema in both it's look, tone and storyline. Not for everyone, but it's a treat for those who are even remotely interested in classic cinema or film in general. Simply a great film.

Bob G (gb) wrote: A student film without the artistry. Five minutes of credits (mainly executive producers), so a lot of people to take the blame.

Ryan C (it) wrote: It's a GREAT MOVIE. The best Jean Claude Van Damme movie as well. I love this one it has every perfect aspect a good action movie needs. Awesome fighting, pretty good story and excellent soundtrack. It's a fun weekend movie to watch with your friends or even by yourself it's just that awesome.