A Montana marshal (Barry Sullivan) fights a land baron (Wendell Corey) out to parch homesteaders with a spite dam.

A marshal goes up against a crooked gambler and his henchmen who control a western town, but meets resistance from the local townspeople when he asks for their help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew R (us) wrote: It really is so bad it's actually funny. Ashame Mr. Miyagi had a decimated career after Karate Kid. It was entertaining seeing him in this film though. The snake is so ridiculously cheesy looking it had me in stitches.

KAMBIZ S (jp) wrote: It is really a brave movie. Story sits on the fundamental of a real event, which happened in a small town in S. Korea. Movie has been only 3 years after that but director instead of being effected by the effect of the real story in the society builds his own perspective of the event. He picks carefully his characters and draws them deeply and by detail. That's why despite the intense narrative that we are dealing with characters look so real. Film doesn't fall into any melodramatic or crime style stories but doesn't forget to borrow some aspect of them to make its claim much stronger, and more effective.The slow rhythm of the movie not only doesn't destruct audience to follow, but also gives moments of concentration to see all the angles of the story.

Wilhelm H (us) wrote: Creepy atmosphere in a mediocre but enjoyable horror flick...

Michael K (ca) wrote: If you are looking for a non-stop (once it starts..which doesn't take long) martial arts, action flick, with little to no talking...that also tells a good story; Look no further. After watching this movie, the only comparison I could come up with, was: New Jack City (because of "The Carter") mixed with Game of Death, while having the fighting moves of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Donny Yen, and (old) Jackie Chan, due to the speed and violent nature of the attacks.This movie is a phenomenal action film, that tells a story in such a way, that makes it stand out from other action films. I highly recommend this movie.

Cathy N (au) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The two main characters were fascinating, and the siege of Sarajevo was a heartbreaking reminder of the dark side of human nature. I was sad to see that critics gave it poor reviews.

Augustina W (fr) wrote: Got to see it one more time...

Alexander S (gb) wrote: Troubled youth and desperate times creates desperate measures and fatal mistakes. Slow moving but a good look at average working class life.

Matt M (it) wrote: an erotic thriller that is okay

Alex G (us) wrote: Horrible and tone-deaf attempt at meta. Very 90s.

Tommy H (au) wrote: It's a comedy. It's funny from beginning to end. How can you say that's flawed? It's amazing how many jokes are in this movie. No matter how obvious or dry or corny they are, they always at least bring a smile to my face. I felt great through the whole thing. The movie never takes a break. Every frame, every exchange of dialogue, every plot point -- everything is a punchline or a set up to a joke. When you look at spoof movies today it's crazy how far they've fallen. This is one genre that desperately needs saving.

Andr (nl) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 10.04.1997

Zachary Y (au) wrote: Great early work from Wes Craven. Sharon Stone, Ernest Borgnine and Mauren Jensen do a great job with this sexy thriller about an Amish "cult".

Peter H (de) wrote: It's full 70's blaxploitation horror stuff, pure cheese and I can't believe how slow everyone moves when impending danger bis upon them. Pretty funny actually

Antonius B (es) wrote: Considered one of Truffaut's finest films and an homage to the filmmaking process, this movie is about a French cast and crew in the process of making a movie. There are a number of smaller stories with the people involved as they reveal themselves through the shoot, and the movie highlights the difficulties from a director's point of view - time pressure, various idiosyncrasies of the actors, and the complexities of getting shots just right. Truffaut himself played the director, which was interesting to see and think about (you know, directing himself directing). The movie was reasonably good and it held my interest, but it was not great, because the behind-the-scenes action was less interesting to me. Maybe some of that is because the behind-the-scenes aspects have had more exposure since 1973 when the film was made, and it was more of a novelty then. I have to also say that with the exception of Nathalie Baye, I didn't care all that much about the cast and characters, which was probably also part of the problem. Worth watching though.

Russell H (fr) wrote: not as good as the original. Much more stupid. The dog was funnier. That's about it.

Ashley H (ca) wrote: I found that Rio Conchos was entertaining. It is an action packed flick about a man who lives for killing. Richard Boone was awesome in this movie. The supporting cast is also excellent. The script is good and so is the director, Gordon Douglas. Rio Conchos is recommended to who like an action packed western.