Buda as sharm foru rikht

Buda as sharm foru rikht

A young girl zealously wants to go to school and learn to read and write. Almost everywhere she is met with hostility or indifference. The only young boy who takes her to his school is ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:teacher,   school,   children,  

A young girl zealously wants to go to school and learn to read and write. Almost everywhere she is met with hostility or indifference. The only young boy who takes her to his school is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (jp) wrote: Beuh ... Should i stay or should i go ...choose for my career or my love , that's it . Kisses mm

Del F (nl) wrote: Brutal and gripping. And what exactly have we accomplished there for all the bloodshed and money?

Don S (kr) wrote: A horror movie set up like most others - young adults visit foreign country looking for thrills and finding them in the wrong manner. Four friends take a foreigner (not even from the country they are visiting) up on an expedition to tour a dig site at some Mayan ruins. They discover a plant life that lives on human blood and a village of locals who won't allow them to leave the site. Better than average gore and decent enough acting. Not very memorable, but it was watchable.

Kayessa L (gb) wrote: uhh...no...again! :P

Mary M (it) wrote: The dope thing about this movie, aside from the incredible performances by Sandra oh, Carrie Ann Moss, and Darryl Hannah, is that it was all ad-libbed! No bullshit. This movie didn't have a script, and the actresses spent 6 weeks at a strip club, to learn the talk, the relationships, and even the moves. Michael Radford is a brilliant director, and is to be commended for his work on this unfortunately not widely known film. Not in any way to be outshined by his more famous Il Postino...

John B (mx) wrote: I'm not going to talk about this.

Justin B (es) wrote: Earnest but thoroughly dopey. 2 idiots go fishing and get wrapped up in Shenanigans; the end.

Katya W (ag) wrote: Heartbreaking. But beautiful.

Jason S (gb) wrote: I've seen worse. It's not as funny as Schindler's list but it's ok.

Anthony I (au) wrote: I give the film credit for having a daring story and a sinister villain. However, the film itself couldn't reel me in. I wish it did.

Newton W (br) wrote: Not as good as "A Boy Named Charlie Brown", but still a very nice movie with some touching scenes. Paid attention to the farewell party and see how many side characters you can name!

Mallory L (gb) wrote: I rather enjoyed the begining of this movie. The plot was fairly perdictable but many movies are. The scary moments were mostly scary in a startling way, but not flat out scary. I think the actor's reactions to the parts were very under-done as I would have freaked under those sircumstances, but thats just me. It seems to me that Zoe was having trouble deciding between Irish and british becuse her accent changed several times. I would have really enjoyed this movie, even with the perdictable plot, but the ending is what really threw it over the edge for me. I really don't understand it and its full of holes. Im trying to watch as many horror movies as possible while comcast has good free movies. Anyway, I would recomend this movie. It was good but not great.

taylor (ru) wrote: This is in the Doris Day colection and shes hardly in it.

Taylor D (fr) wrote: The orignal copy was destoryed in a fire but photos were taken during the production. So it was basically a hour long slide show silent movie. I thought the movie would basically be about a vampire but it had a tiwst in it, like like most of Tod Browings films. The vampire was really creepy looking.

WakeWRC89 (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this film in Blu Ray. This is the first time I have ever actually seen this after it being recommended. Gets you gripped. Great performances from Douglas and Stone. Worth having in your collection. Will watch the second soon and give this a re watch soon

Ryan A (jp) wrote: Not very uplifting, but it is almost perfect in the way it shows nostalgia on film. Every shot is a little glimpse of homesickness, some people might not get it but I think I did.

Jennifer S (fr) wrote: Wasted a couple hours of my life on this movie. Basically a half a$$ version of the Rain maker. Don't waste your time.