Buddy Buddy

Buddy Buddy

Buddy Buddy is a 1981 American comedy film directed by Billy Wilder that stars Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Paula Prentiss and Klaus Kinski. The screenplay by Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond is based on the 1973 French language film L'Emmerdeur, which screenwriter Francis Veber had adapted from his play Le contrat. The film proved to be the last directed by Wilder.

Walter Matthau plays a professional killer going by the name of Trabucco, who is on his way to rub out gangster Rudy "Disco" Gambola, set to testify against the mob. As Trabucco heads off ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo C (jp) wrote: it's like fourteen years old.

susan M (br) wrote: great story, touching,

Phil D (kr) wrote: A action film plently of guns being shot at nothing what was wrong with seagal's accent in this film weird cant beat is nico films.

Emilia P (ca) wrote: Semmonen muka-hyva leffa. Roolihahmot oli kuitenki sen verran kiinnostavia, etta jakso kattoa loppuun asti.

Krishna S (nl) wrote: A great remake of Seeta aur Geeta...Hilarous performances by Rohini Hattangady, Anupam Kher and of course, Sridevi...Have seen it almost gazillion times...

Olivier B (ag) wrote: Pas embarqu, pas termin...