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Sugarissa Candy J (fr) wrote: a slight differrent look to the a classical voo doo! ^o^

Peter D (nl) wrote: Somewhat uneven. Tries too hard to be crazy and edgy, and in-your-face. The comedic scenes are misjudged and definitely the weaker element of the film. It also has some awkward shifts in tone from total silliness to extremely dark drama. However the dramatic elements of the film are very effective, and in some scenes excellent. They elevate the film higher if it was just a comedy. Overall its an entertaining and sometimes moving film.

Liam C (ru) wrote: After watching the film I understand why it is called what it is but when I first found out about this film, I thought it would be about another kind of Pride. Still, Pride is a very involving sports drama that success on its great acting.When I read that it had clichs and was a sports film, I already had an idea of what it would be, it would have really 2 dimensional characters, the underdogs who go from losers to winners in a single montage and just a really simplistic story with no real conflict. This film had none of that. All of the main characters are very complex and well written, the main character, Jim Ellis, is a very realistic person, he isn't just a cardboard cut out hero, no, he is complex and has layers to him. Terrence Howard, as usual, gives a fantastic performance where you can really feel where he is coming from and Bernie Mac gave a very good performance too and you really felt where he was coming from too. They do share some funny lines with each other after their initial conflict at the start and the script has some good jokes for them whenever it's needed. The swim team, who are mostly unknowns, are good and all give good performances without ever coming off as flat. Some of them do have their 'thing' that makes them easily recognisable before actually knowing who they are but this is based on a true story and even though I'm probably kidding myself because we all know how Hollywood likes to change things, so I'd like to believe that their 'thing' wasn't just made up for the film but who knows. The only real problem I do have is with Tom Arnold's character, which certainly is an odd choice for this role but he really did not have much to him, he wasn't flat out a cartoon character as to be fair he does have some slight growth throughout the film, as does his team, but he's just there! And you don't really know all that much about him, but he isn't the focus of the film nor is in it all that much anyway so it doesn't really matter. Even with that, he wasn't an over the top stereotype that reviewers make him out to be, I can't even begin to imagine how it was to be an African-American living in 1974. There were some points where some of the acting was a bit off but that was by people who were in the film maybe about 2 minutes but that's just a nitpick someone like me would look out for. The development of how they went from a bunch of friends to a swim team was really well done, it didn't just happen over night or in a montage like I mentioned earlier, they have lessons, they have conflict, they have sad moments and everything else in between. It'll look like everything is coming together and then it goes in another direction and then they have to deal with that, it was done well. The only thing I really noticed that was a clich was that the team gets told off one night and the next day after someone wakes up, they hear the team swimming as they get serious and start learning properly, I've seen that done before lots of times but that lasts barely a minute. The swim scenes are very intense and exciting to watch, especially the last one, as it should be. The soundtrack is good and didn't overburden any scene to force an emotion on the audience, it accompanied what happened on screen well.While it might have conflict and have complex characters in a good story, it is quite predictable just in terms of the ending, you know what will happen and especially because it's based on a true story, but here it works because it has strong, powerful moments and it's a good experience that doesn't take anything away from anybody, and the film itself is unique, a film about an African-American swim team? Can't say I've seen many of those. I have seen some terribly clichd films and, at least to me, this wasn't one of them. It shows you what your emotions want to see, which would usually be a bad thing but it feels like you've been on a real journey after all is said and done and it's a good story that should be told, it's nice, well made and made me smile and that's all I can ask. During the credits it shows the real Jim Ellis and it's really good to see real footage of what he has been doing.THIS IS OUR HOUSE, COACH!

Michael W (nl) wrote: Full Moon revives the series after a hiatus in hopes of cross-selling a new line of murderous puppet toys to nerds and children. A new puppet master emerges but does not add a lot to the series and fails to tie in the previous installments.

Steve S (it) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Tim S (ag) wrote: Think 'Strangers on a Train' meets 'Rope' meets 'Frenzy'. While probably inferior to these other Hitchcockian masterpieces, Dial M for Murder delivers the thrills and twists expected from the 'Master of Suspense'. The battle of wits between the guilty, the accuser and the investigator is the driving force behind this film. As the audience, we know from the start who the guilty party is and this creates real tension; at times you actually find yourself willing the guy to outfox the law!

rodriifurter (gb) wrote: An 'Ed Wood' film unlike anything he ever did. It's a gangster flick with some plot to it. The ending I guess was meant to be shocking, but it only came unrealistic and predictable (just like an Ed Wood film).

Jaime C (br) wrote: you should have it cause that's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Berni E (ca) wrote: Intense and emotional for me......but probably too slow for others.....

Shawn S (kr) wrote: This is very different from its predecessor, with a distinctive style of direction and an offbeat plot but I enjoyed this a lot more than the first time I watched it and, in the end, it was surprisingly fun.

Meredith M (ag) wrote: has nothing to do with DB Cooper very disappointing