Budte moim muzhem

Budte moim muzhem

The children's doctor is sent on leave to the south where its services in quality "husband" were necessary for young and very beautiful woman. The light musical comedy with great actors.

Детский врач (Андрей Миронов) отправляется в отпуск на Юг, где его услуги в качестве... мужа понадобились молодой и очень красивой женщине (Елена Проклова). Дело в том, что одной с ребенком ей никто сдавать квартиру в курортном городе не хотел. Нравы тогда такие были. Вот ей и понадобился человек, который мог бы разыграть из себя ее мужа для поселения в частном секторе. "Будьте моим мужем!" - просит она первого встречного, которым и оказывается детский врач. И он соглашается. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James C (ca) wrote: This ensemble of "women in trouble" isn't probably the best vehicle for the cast's talents, but it is a fun low budget indie. Carla Gugino is always a blast and Adrianne Palicki almost steals the whole show as a really dumb blonde. Watched this as prep for the follow up film, "Elektra Lux."

Hugo Hernando C (fr) wrote: If you love boxing watch this movie. Pretty good.

ZACHO D (nl) wrote: This Movie's a blast!

Leonardo Malacay S (ru) wrote: Una de esas tpicas pelculas de navidad en donde todo sale bien pero ahora en un aeropuerto

David G (ag) wrote: Entertaining, low budget werewolf movie. Most of the budget obviously went on the computer graphics which were quite good.

Jordan J (mx) wrote: The uncut version to me doesn't really add anything but it is still great just like the theatrical version.

Chris B (mx) wrote: Looper is extremely original and entertaining. Rian Johnson wrote and directed this movie so brilliantly. The shots are so incredible. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt are all great in this film. The kid did an excellent job acting as well. This is a must watch and a great new Sci-fi film.

Matthew B (fr) wrote: Great flick. Cage at his best.

Adam G (jp) wrote: Promising start turned to formula ending.