Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory

Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory

Story concerns the efforts of Buffalo Bill to protect the Indian's land from a gang who want to get the gold buried there. The outlaws disguise themselves as Indians and raid and plunder the settlers in order to blame the tribe.

Made during the period when Clayton Moore had been replaced on the Lone Ranger television series by John Hart, but actually appears to have been made during the dawn of the sound era ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory torrent reviews

Daniel A (gb) wrote: Popped the disc out after about an half hour. There was eye candy but it doesn't make up for the horrible acting, writing, and everything else.

Tom T (br) wrote: 5.0/10Really disturbing and bizarre but not good in any sense of the word.

Sarah F (au) wrote: This documentary is amazing, touching and gave me goosebumps. The members of this North-Norwegian choir live in the middle of nowhere, where it's dark and cold most of the year and where singing is one of the last community activities left. They tell you their life stories and you can't help but fall in love with their personalities. These men are adorable, they are vulnerable and I was between laughing and crying throughout the whole film. A must for Norway and choir lovers.

Tom G (mx) wrote: Spy Kids is an eye catching, wild ride that is fun for kids. However, parents won't be able to keep themselves from rolling their eyes every few minutes as the Cortez's journey crosses the line between family-friendly comedy and cheese ball absurdity; and after all, that's half of its intended audience.

Tom D (kr) wrote: This is a straight forward by the books sports movie. There is nothing groundbreaking in this movie but it is entertaining. Mark Wahlberg does well in the lead role. Greg Kinnear and Elizabeth Banks are also good here. If you like typical sports movies you should check this one out.

bill s (fr) wrote: low tork gangster movie that looks the part but does not act the part.

Tyler C (ca) wrote: It's Jackie Chan, need I say more

Jerry S (au) wrote: For children this is great but as for more mature brains, it's too much. For a bigger party watching it just goes to yelling and talking. Note: arrange some booze for people... allot. MGM has gone really wrong for making this movie, what a shame for them. Again, don't take seriously this film.

ALAI D (au) wrote: Truly a masterpiece,looking at the budget and the quality of the film ,it is clear that it was put to good use citing that it is one of the most expensive films in terms of budget.A number of factors stood out for me,first how the cinematographer Doyle manages to use the eyes in the characters to communicate with limited conversation is just out of this world.Another outstanding factor is that,in comparison to other films particularly the stunts you realise that they use a lot of moving shots to capture the martial arts unlike in Hero where the scene is on a wide but the ease and flow with which they perform the art is just superb.I think this is one of the best films by Zhang Yimou and would encourage any other film enthusiast to watch

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Patrick L (gb) wrote: este documental me record mucho a La Guerra de los Mundos y a The Matrix, nada mas que aqu con los roles invertidos... supongo que eso lo deja bastante claro. A quiensea que me cuestione porqu vegetariano, esto resume muy bien una de las dos grandes razones.

Cresswell S (de) wrote: Average Film Noir. Lancaster's first starring role. He's done better

Justin R (gb) wrote: 12 films over a span of 16 years. This film marked the final appearance of Johnny Weissmuller as the Lord of the Apes. The film not being about mermaids as in humanoids with fish tails is a bit of a let down. The 6 original MGM Tarzan movies are the best.

Art S (gb) wrote: Not as madcap as some of his other films (e.g., The Palm Beach Story), this later entry from Preston Sturges' short successful period still packs a satiric wallop that undoubtedly hit harder during the war years when it came out. Eddie Bracken is the unfortunate son discharged from the marines for hay fever after only one month. He lies to his mother to say he is fighting overseas but runs into some real marines (led by the incredible William Demarest) who find a way for him to go home honorably -- they pretend he is a hero who has caught jungle fever. Of course, he gets a hero's welcome and the shenanigans go on from there. In the process, Sturges makes some real points about civic virtues, loyalty, and the kind of aw shucks attitude that makes Mom proud.

Russell H (ca) wrote: I liked the idea of the story but it just humanized Dracula too much. You can't mess with a legend that much. Still not too bad.

Simon T (de) wrote: So-so Bond, not the worst, certainly not the best. Even the exotic locations look cheap. Matters aren't helped by an anaemic villain (Julian Glover), somnolent direction (John Glen, on his first 007 outing), another very pretty female who can't act (Carole Bouquet), and an unusually dull score from Bill Conti. Roger Moore starts looking his age here, and should have bowed out on Moonraker.

Joel A (jp) wrote: Ireland's answer to Full Monty and although a different film it has a similar charm to it.The story of a resident of a small Irish town wining 7 million pounds but the winner was Ned Devine who died from shock when he won.Filled with great Irish humour and few gags this is a real crowd pleaser but towards the end strikes a deeper note.