Buffalo Bushido

Buffalo Bushido

A man returns home from exile unknowingly seeking the truth

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:buffalo,   samurai,   bushido,  

A man returns home from exile unknowingly seeking the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Buffalo Bushido torrent reviews

Steve S (fr) wrote: The first half was pretty good

Jovan J (ca) wrote: From a indie film perspective, this is a very cool movie. Kinda funny, kinda quirky. I can see how this movie is trying to be a unique romantic comedy, but it's not great in any way, nor does it significantly rise above the genre it's trying to be an outsider in. The main character is likable, however, there is no character development in either him or any other characters, so we don't truly get a sense of who anyone is or why they do what they do. A story is basically non-existent, but instead it's an episodic type thing with each gf getting their own few minutes to be featured, but a lot of info is given through narration, not even through dialogue or character action, which isn't good. The visual metaphors and effects were nice and charming. Definitely don't see that in a romantic comedy very often, at least not done so well. In the end, a lot of nice tricks, but nothing very special.

TyeRell B (us) wrote: i reaallyy want to see this

Niklas S (ag) wrote: I have no idea what this movie was really about, much like a lot of Kiyoshi Krosawa's moves. Still it was really great. Don't chop down the tree!

Stasia P (nl) wrote: in the historic perspective kind of nonsense movie, since a) i saw the picture of the real Perel, and you could tell he's jewish right away (not that there's something wrong with being jewish), so nazi obvisouly would know it too, b) when at the nazi school, he would have been dead after the first medical check-up, because they would see that he was circumsized....so all in all it was difficult to watch it, there was this ticking idea in my mind throughout the movie that the story is too unbelievable, though yes, it's a good drama movie, if you don't pay attention to the mishaped facts...

Troy M (ru) wrote: Controversial film, disgusting eye mutilation scene, extreme sexual situations, needle drug use, female full frontal, male full frontal, actual vaginal and anal penetration, and ejaculation on film. Tacky car explosions. Ending was drug out.

Tsukasa A (nl) wrote: The masterpiece was released in 1971. It has a taste of documentaries and never looks like out-of-date.

Sukhitha J (fr) wrote: Quite surprised that I didn't have the slightest idea about the existence of this movie. Wouldn't even have watched it if it weren't for the certified fresh score in RT. Narrated by Sir Ian Mckellan and based on a book by Neil Gaiman!? How did I miss this completely!

Huw G (ca) wrote: Touching and sensitive, and by not dwelling long on issues it remains largely a happy film. Nice, and certainly one of Australia's best in any genre in quite a while. A difficult topic, and to do it "better" would probably be unenjoyably depressing.