Bujang terlajak

Bujang terlajak

3 over-age friend who still doesn't married found 1 girl, and 3 of them fall in love with her, and they will even sacrifice their friendship to win her love.

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Gagan J (fr) wrote: i love the songs in this movie; even though there are only 2!

Theresa S (ca) wrote: I saw this movie yesterday at the Angelika. It was my first time seeing a movie at an independent theater . It was a little progressive for me, but it was pretty good. It seemed like a mainstream despite the fact that the main character was gay.

Madeline M (kr) wrote: Interesting to look at from an historical perspective.

Paul D (au) wrote: Solid war-effort drama with a multitude of heroic personalities on board the sub. It's all a bit too perfect but it is propaganda entertainment.

Spencer S (es) wrote: A lost film in the annuls of history, Beyond the Rocks was found, restored, and subtitled for the enjoyment of the masses. Sadly, my enjoyment was quelmed by the lackluster equivalent to my wildest fantasies. I do give creedence in every aspect that I can: the loss of sound, the loss in quality over the last 90 years, the overacting, the extravagant costuming, and the difference in movies today. I can forgive all of these things, look past them, and survey the quality of the actual film. Those things said, it was bad. It was gruesome. Written by shockster Elinor Glyn and directed by De Mille protege Sam Wood, the plot was shamelessly boring. I do give kudos to the angle of her deep devotion to her rich, ugly husband though she was in love with the aristocratic Valentino, who she shared magically dramatic chemistry with. Still, Swanson's future work is filled with much more intelligent films.

Giorgos T (de) wrote: A flawed, but interesting film with nice acting by Willis, Def and Morse.