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Cita W (au) wrote: It was great at first but then it got boring and the funny narrative becomes annoying.

shawn m (nl) wrote: I liked it. it was all one big puzzle that didn't ever get finished. I hated the ending though.

ven p (au) wrote: This is still my favorite Shyamalon film.

Kevin L (br) wrote: I love Sammi's character in this movie. I love it when she starts going all mental! Also love the fact that the movie can happen in real life: office dramas, breakups, weirdos

Weston H (nl) wrote: the international house of pancake is the one consistant thing in my life

Kearn R (fr) wrote: I love this film. I have recommended this film to my friends more than any other.

Joey F (it) wrote: The whole story is basically told through narration. Seriously, just read the book. There's no reason for this to really exist - at least this particular interpretation. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because the story is still so interesting.

Ryan J (nl) wrote: Geneticist moves to Germany after his newborn son dies from a rare genetic mutation and his wife leaves him. He reunites with a former intern and gets involved in the breakthrough science that she is trying to move forward with. Another colleague is doing some shady things at night and he gets involved. Not a bad drama, a little boring and slow but it has its moments and the last 15 minutes is good, definitely has some decent ideas. Director though is someone to keep an eye on.

Chrisanne S (gb) wrote: Heart warming and heart breaking all at once. Here's wishing there were better quality transfers out there.

Heba M (gb) wrote: it had some slightly creepy, disturbing moments. but i just didn't really get it. i thought i did until the very last moment.don't know why the tv gave it 3/4 stars because it definitely wasn't even close to that.