Bulgarian Lovers

Bulgarian Lovers

A straight-laced Spanish man falls in love with a young foreigner.

A straight-laced Spanish man falls in love with a young foreigner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sbaste G (it) wrote: Biggest. Guilty. Pleasure.

Katerina H (de) wrote: A nice dark comedy from Sweden.

Kamelie Z (ru) wrote: Aqu se siente la guerra de cerquita, se vive la esperanza en Palestina y la inasin que nunca cesa. La casa como metfora de un pas en guerra.

Harry W (nl) wrote: It's a silly film really. Number 1 fan of the original and I'm not too offended. It's not a film to be taken seriously, it features camp performances, not as much grit as it believes itself to possess and a wobbly, rushed direction throughout, especially towards the end. It is however enjoyable for the most part and relatively memorable.

Matt C (br) wrote: Most of the cast from 'Pusher' are all present and correct here but this doesn't really hang together in the same successful way as that film. It's basically a film of ideas, some which work and some which really don't. It sometimes feels like a Danish Linklater slacker movie but then in the next breath we have miscarriages, murder and HIV syringes. All very uneven.

Red L (de) wrote: Like a movie star, Picasso had many relationships. This movie is about one of those relationships in fact, between Picasso at 60 and a 20's year old Francoise. I cannot believe how dependant on Picasso the mistresses are, but there is hope in the heroine of the movie.

Sidnee J (it) wrote: this movie is so awesome. nic did great!

Andrew D (it) wrote: Like a car crash, once you start watching this film you cannot stop. "Flamingo Kid" meets a ski slope. If this was 1985, I could forgive this movie, but for 1993, shame on you. And shame on me, for walking away not being able to forget what I just saw, which is what a director wants to hear. If you are going to do something bad, do it in a good way.Go rent "Hot Dog The Movie" instead.

Tor M (ca) wrote: One of the most brutal films of the early 70's and long time banned piece from director Sam Peckinpah. A man that seemed pretty controversial since I've been reading about things like prostitutes of set and scenes done without pants for "more fitting reactions" in this film. Well, offbeat people seem to make great films, this is the first one from the guy for me.Brutal rape, shotgun kills, terror and harassment are some ingredients here. May it be one of the first films with rape scenes? Anyhow, highly controversial back then and it still does leave a strong impression, and a mild sense of confusion. Almost spooky, quirky, weird when it comes to presentation. The relationship between David and Amy are shifting and varied. Both do excellent parts here by the way. Susan George portraying Amy with her mighty fine looks and splendid unstable lady material, while Dustin Hoffman is doing great as the boring, too polite man with some rage issues.I like the LP-player move near the end. The boiling oil trick was also nice. A very good thriller that stands the test of time. One of the first so-called "revenge films" out there I believe and I enjoyed it a whole lot. I can't help of thinking about "Funny Games", maybe even "A Clockwork Orange". 8.5 out of 10 bear traps.

Abigail D (nl) wrote: Fairly decent, sentimental with heavy foreshadowing--overshadowing, even--of impending tragedy, even over the parts of the movie that are happy. The narrative/framing device makes it feel like not much actually happens when it finally gets to the end, too. I think it would have been better if it told the story from beginning to end without the framing device--that way the happy parts would have been unadulteratedly happy (without affecting the sadness of the sad parts). Oh well. It's not like that can be changed now. Anyway, still pretty good overall, and some good acting by Cary Grant.

Kong L (jp) wrote: "ABSORBING | COMPLEX | DEEP | PAINFUL | TEDIOUS" (85-out-of-100)