Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Bulldog Drummond Escapes

Bulldog protects an heiress.

Captain Drummond becomes a prisoner when he intents to protect a beautiful heiress of an espionage organization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (ag) wrote: This documentary is basically a glamorized DVD extra, but it entertains as it details the anecdote-rich production history of ??Night of the Living Dead?? and, most crucially, its enormous impact. Assembled talking heads (none too well-known) add context, particularly in regard to the movie??s unusual racial dynamic. Best, though, is 73-year-old Bronx native Romero, the horror master who got his start making Mister Rogers shorts and still concludes his sentences with a hippie-ish ??... man.?? Despite not making a decent movie in 20 years, the guy remains a national treasure.

Nick D (au) wrote: A good movie but lacked character development.

Vajra A (it) wrote: Excellent movie, idiots like Stephen Holden, who are from a cowardice society cannot appreciate the struggle of forced occupation of a country's native people

Octavian (us) wrote: Warning:Misogynistic slursSex-negative

Brandon G (br) wrote: They crazy but they nice.

Angela W (au) wrote: now i watch some crap......and this was even a bit far fetched for me!! And it had Sabrina's aunt in it

Lee M (jp) wrote: A bit too talky and philosophical for kids, and dabbling in lavish imagery that lacks enough narrative coherence to hook adults.

Bengel W (us) wrote: Catholic Church and Satan are always a fine combination for some religious action that may not necessarily be in favor of the humans. Arnold works exceptionally well in this film and his co-actors compliment him outstandingly. Lighting is worked hard and sound giving a refined texture that brings forth the mayhem in superb tones. Nibbles: Oxtail soup.

Morpheus O (gb) wrote: It gets one star only bc of Pee Wee Herman!

Andrew M (es) wrote: "And Stig sued himself by mistake"A great send-up of the Fab Four done as only Eric Idle could. The songs, while parodies of Beatles tunes, are still great tracks, and the movie plays off so much of Beatlemania its hard not to enioy.

Marischa B (gb) wrote: For starters, this movie plays out exactly like a fist person shooter video game. The tropes, the dialog, and obviously the camera angle and movement. There's little doubt what this movie is supposed to be and, in all honesty, it does it rather well. The whole first person thing has been tried to a much more limited extent in some movies. House Of The Dead and Doom come to mind. But in these movies it was more for the movie's denouement...a final showdown. In Hotel Inferno it's done throughout and it's kind of enjoyable.This isn't without it's drawbacks. The camera is jumpy, the dialog is on-par with a video game, and it lacks a bit of continuity. You'll find a 10 minute action sequence ended just to have some exposition on what happened and what will happen next. Again, exactly as you would in a video game. It's like finishing a mission and waiting for a cut scene to tell you what you did and what to do next, except it's a movie. This gets a bit old even if you follow the premise.For a movie with this budget the special effects are actually quite well done. Gore fans will undoubtedly appreciate the over-the-top violence and gore and others will probably just laugh at the preposterousness of it all. Either way, the special effects team absolutely did the most with what they had.All in all it's a relatively enjoyable movie if you know what you're in for (and have a six pack of your preferred adult beverage available). It's something a little new but absolutely not without it's flaws. Is it perfect? No. Is it a bit of fun to watch with some friends? Absolutely.

MF J (ag) wrote: When this film came out the reviews were pretty bad but you know what for me it doesn't matter because i really like this film. First of all it's really well shot & the sets & colors are beautiful. Second the cast is marvelous, convincing & witty. Third the story is unusual in the way it's being told, i know for most idiot people that like a straight forward story this is going to be a little challenging. For me though it works well & i'm extremely pleased with this entertainment.

Jamin M (es) wrote: I was very puzzled when I heard that this film was being made. Another Spongebob movie? Really? As a lover of Spongebob, I was scared because of the fact that the series is so bad now, so another film was probably not the best move. But to my surprise, this is actually a very nice movie. It's actually the first modern Spongebob-related watching experience I've had that truly felt like Spongebob. The humor is a bit different but it's still Spongebob. All of the characters are as lovable as they were in the past, the animation, both hand-drawn and CGI, is great, it has some good comedy and crazy fun. Antonio Bandares is kind of fun as Buger Beard. I like the talking seagulls and Bubbles the Magical Time Travelling Dolphin. However, there are a couple of problems I have with the movie. The main one is the story. It's just kind of recycled. The stealing the Krabby Patty formula plot has been done to death. Yes, it was kind of the plot in the first film, but there was more to it. Mr. Krabs was framed by Plankton for stealing King Neptune's crown and Spongebob and Patrick had to hurry and retrieve it before Mr. Krabs gets executed. That was much more interesting than the story in this film. It's not a bad story, but the first film incorporated drama very well. This film didn't have the characters go through as much danger. Heck, the first film technically had four villains! Plankton, King Neptune, Dennis, and the Cyclops. So there were many more obstacles to get through. This film didn't seem to be very focused on trying to make Burger Beard a true threat. So, yeah, the drama is very toned down. Another problem I guess I have with the film is that I kind of wished they used hand-drawn animation throughout the entire film. I know it's weird, but thought that would've given the film a unique touch. Also that rap battle at the end was hilarious. Something that doesn't make sense though is the fact that the Spongebob producers and writers had the talent to make a good sequel, but the show is still terrible. How is that possible? Sponge Out of Water may not be as good as the first film, at least to me, but it is good film for Spongebob fans everywhere, and if you're not a Spongebob fan, it's still fun regardless

Art S (gb) wrote: I guess there are diminishing returns from these Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedies directed by Edgar Wright. By this, the third movie (after Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), the formula seems evident - take a genre, throw in some action, some broad British comedy (though not too dry), and race through things, not forgetting to have a few touching human moments (about friendship). OK, I can't quite recall the earlier movies that well but The World's End feels a bit thin. The plot sees Pegg's loser-who-hasn't-grown-up character getting his old friends (who have) together to do an epic pub crawl that they didn't quite complete back in 1990 when they graduated from high school. However, their old town seems to have been taken over by the Body Snatchers who become increasingly menacing. Cue the action. I'm not saying that there aren't some good witticisms here or that a lot of thought hasn't gone into the script/set design/casting, it's just that it all left me a bit flat. Your average action comedy really is a kind of unchallenging junk food these days -- and I accept that sometimes that's what you want - but it isn't sustaining.