Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped.

Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped

Bulldog Drummond in Africa is a great movie of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 1938. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example John Howard, Heather Angel, H.B. Warner, J. Carrol Naish, Reginald Denny, E.E. Clive, Anthony Quinn, Michael Brooke, Matthew Boulton, Neil Fitzgerald, Fortunio Bonanova, Leonard Carey, Forrester Harvey, Rudolf Myzet, Paul Porcasi. The kind of movie are Mystery. This movie was rated by 6 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Allan C (ag)

Pretty good stuff. Don't expect it to be "The Road" but think of it as a solid 1960s drive-in version of "The Day After" or "Testament". The dialogue is pretty cornball and you can definitely see the budget limitations of this AIP production, but overall it's a smart story where you really don't know how it's going to end. There are also a lot of interesting and sometimes edgy little touches and story points throughout that film, like a small town setting up a blockage to keep out those fleeting LA, roving gangs of juvenile delinquents, Milland making a wall of fire on a highway to stop traffic, or even hints of sex slavery. The film is certainly no "Fail Safe", but it's a fairly realistic representation of what ordinary people might do in such a situation, which is the major strength of the film. Frankie Avalon plays Milland's son, which is amusing, and Jean Hagen is his wife. Milland immediately starts stockpiling supplies and finding a remote locations away from "civilization". Ray Milland directed and stars as a father taking his family on a camping trip when nuclear war breaks out. Surprisingly decent cold war B-picture

Andrew B (au)

This movie is way too over the top for me to enjoy becoming more annoying with each passing minute. Stone could have tried to show the correlation between violence and media in a more mature way honestly

Anil S (kr)

and his quest for revenge, and desire for a normal life. . . Tells the story of a cult underworld don. Loosely based on Scarface. The best movie by Big "B"

Annelies S (ag)

. . Must have been a shocking movie for its time! Has its funny moments as well. Beautiful love story from the 1940s and once again pretty progressive

Bavner D (jp)

Digarap dengan apik, diperankan dengan baik, dan diceritakan secara menarik. Film berdurasi hampir 2 jam ini juga cukup memperlihatkan keindahan pemandangan natural alam Amerika. "Captain Fantastic" merupakan salah satu film terbaik di tahun 2016 versi saya

Brian L (es)

before there was Clear Channel. . . F*ck Clear Channel

Cheryl T (fr)

). . . Love this, quite funny

Eric H (nl)

This is a cinematic step above that. Like I said, I find many of the other Hollywood 'romances' of this era get tedious and have dreary scripts where long scenes are acted out in one room (more like a radio play). The addition of Tony Randall and his quips are quite funny too. Also, there's enough of a fun feel of NY City and fashion in the Sixties that there's plenty of eye-candy for a fan of retro-design like myself. Sexist and with some definite pointless plot motivations, still the charm of the clueless Hudson and the determined but gullible Day make it through. I am not usually charmed by Classic Hollywood rom-coms, but this one has enough fun elements, pleasing sets, costumes and characters to keep me returning as a nice guilty pleasure for a rainy afternoon

Grayson D (ag)

Decent but stagey western

Lilliam F (jp)

me encantan las comedias