Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped.

Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bavner D (jp) wrote: "Captain Fantastic" merupakan salah satu film terbaik di tahun 2016 versi saya. Film berdurasi hampir 2 jam ini juga cukup memperlihatkan keindahan pemandangan natural alam Amerika. Digarap dengan apik, diperankan dengan baik, dan diceritakan secara menarik.

shishir a (de) wrote: Too damn slow...i wish i had not seen it.

Tina S (de) wrote: 30 something high schoolers, it worked for Grease

Lilliam F (jp) wrote: me encantan las comedias

Andrew B (au) wrote: Stone could have tried to show the correlation between violence and media in a more mature way honestly. This movie is way too over the top for me to enjoy becoming more annoying with each passing minute.

Anil S (kr) wrote: The best movie by Big "B". Loosely based on Scarface. Tells the story of a cult underworld don...and his quest for revenge, and desire for a normal life.

Brian L (es) wrote: F*ck Clear Channel... before there was Clear Channel.

Philip R (ca) wrote: Arguably the best American film of all time, this underrated classic does not get the full recognition it deserves. Though it is on AFI's Top 100 films of all time, I still do not think Nashville, alongside other of Altman's films, are truly appreciated for the genius Altman captures. I wish more films were like this. There is not outlandish action or any improbable situations but this film follows twenty-four characters through only five days in the country and gospel music capital of the world. This kaleidoscopic epic of the city of Nashville, Tennessee follows the ensemble while simultaneously revealing and playfully satirizing America's obsession with celebrity and politics. I was overwhelmed with the technical aspect of the film; in various scenes, we as the audience would see many of the twenty-four characters in one scene (such as on the street in a traffic jam, an airport, social gatherings and ultimately, a political fundraiser) and during that one scene we would eavesdrop of many of their conversations. Two or three character many be one place talking about the next election in which the fiction Replacement Party candidate is the main topic, while we cut to another group of characters that are nearby talking about whatever else they are concerned with. During this, we can barely overhear what the character we were just listening to. I thought it was seamlessly tied in to the whole style of the film and found it beautifully made. This is a movie that is moved forward by characters and dialogue. Lastly, the ending: everyone talks about the ending of this movie and how shocking and unforgettable it was. Though, I did not find the ending as shocking as what some people may saw, I did find it haunting and hard to forget. I wish more people would appreciate Nashville as what is...an All American Classic.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Surprisingly decent cold war B-picture. Ray Milland directed and stars as a father taking his family on a camping trip when nuclear war breaks out. Milland immediately starts stockpiling supplies and finding a remote locations away from "civilization". Frankie Avalon plays Milland's son, which is amusing, and Jean Hagen is his wife. The film is certainly no "Fail Safe", but it's a fairly realistic representation of what ordinary people might do in such a situation, which is the major strength of the film. There are also a lot of interesting and sometimes edgy little touches and story points throughout that film, like a small town setting up a blockage to keep out those fleeting LA, roving gangs of juvenile delinquents, Milland making a wall of fire on a highway to stop traffic, or even hints of sex slavery. The dialogue is pretty cornball and you can definitely see the budget limitations of this AIP production, but overall it's a smart story where you really don't know how it's going to end. Don't expect it to be "The Road" but think of it as a solid 1960s drive-in version of "The Day After" or "Testament". Pretty good stuff.

Eric H (nl) wrote: I am not usually charmed by Classic Hollywood rom-coms, but this one has enough fun elements, pleasing sets, costumes and characters to keep me returning as a nice guilty pleasure for a rainy afternoon. Sexist and with some definite pointless plot motivations, still the charm of the clueless Hudson and the determined but gullible Day make it through. Also, there's enough of a fun feel of NY City and fashion in the Sixties that there's plenty of eye-candy for a fan of retro-design like myself. The addition of Tony Randall and his quips are quite funny too. Like I said, I find many of the other Hollywood 'romances' of this era get tedious and have dreary scripts where long scenes are acted out in one room (more like a radio play). This is a cinematic step above that.

Walter M (jp) wrote: 1953 Iran is like the present day Iran in some areas, as women have to live by prescribed roles in both times. For example, Zarin(Orsolya Toth) is a prostitute. Fakhri(Arita Shahrzad) is nearing fifty and encounters Abbas(Bijan Daneshmand), an ex-flame, just as her husband(Tahmoures Tehrani), a general, is threatening to marry a younger woman. It is Munis(Shabnam Toloui) who sees the possibility for a better future as she listens to news reports on the radio about the protests that are happening just outside her door but is forbidden from attending by her brother Amir Khan(Essa Zahir) who is angry at her for not being married at the ripe old age of thirty, as her friend Faezeh(Pegah Ferydoni) commiserates with her. "Women without Men" gets off to a slow start but gains steam and a visual flair once it not only escapes from its social realist origins to tell its story from a magic realism angle, but also as the female characters are escaping from their roles. Zarin runs away from the brothel to the country while Fakhri herself runs away and buys an orchard. Munis' escape is the most drastic but it is also not the end of her story, as rebirth in both a literal and a symbolic sense is a major theme of the movie as Iran is born again in a revolution(I love that a Communist is portrayed in a positive light), just not one with a happy ending this time around for the country. (Originally reviewed May 16, 2010)

Annelies S (ag) wrote: Beautiful love story from the 1940s and once again pretty progressive. Must have been a shocking movie for its time! Has its funny moments as well...

Cheryl T (fr) wrote: Love this, quite funny... :)

Grayson D (ag) wrote: Decent but stagey western.