Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge

The dapper British sleuth (John Howard) beats a Scotland Yard colonel (John Barrymore) to the stolen formula for a new bomb.

Captain Drummond travels to Switzerland in order to marry his girlfriend but the disappearance of a dangerous cargo of explosives makes him delay his plans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: This was kind of entertaining, but as far as movies about movies goes, this one isn't as harsh about the industry as some or as loving about cinema as others. Kind just falls somewhere in the middle which makes it a middle of the road comedy.

Diego F V (jp) wrote: No es una sorpresa que las pelculas de Kim Ki Duk sean maravillosas y Hierro 3 (Bin-jip) es un ejemplo claro de ello. El guin de esta pelcula es muy original, las actuaciones, como siempre en los filmes de este director, aportan ese toque diferente a la representacin convencional, pues los personajes creados por Kim Ki Duk siempre van mas all, lejos del lugar comn y mas apegados al detalle, al movimiento, al sonido, etc. Un filme alejado del efectismo y con una buena dosis de simplicidad, pocos dilogos y un argumento muy inteligente (Un joven, Tae-suk (interpretado por Hyun-kyoon Lee) se cuela en casas cuando sus dueos no estn, se toma fotos, lava la ropa de los moradores, arregla lo que encuentra daado, se echa una siesta y luego se va, sin robarse nada, sin decir nada. En una de esas casas encuentra a una mujer, Sun-hwa (interpretada por Seung-yeon Lee) que luego de ver lo que hace Tae-suk, decide acompaarlo) Muy buena!

Jack O (mx) wrote: 101 Dalmatians is a disney classic that makes people love dalmatians and when I say dalmatians I meant with an A instead of an O. The villian is memorable and her name is Cruella De Vil and all she wants to do is shen wants the puppies and made them out of coats. Jasper and Horace who is one of my favorite characters and they're the ones who stole the puppies and they need to get the job done before the police gets them. Roger who sings Cruella De Vil thinks shes evil and chase scene at the end really is cool. And speaking of which there are no songs apart from one. Thats all I can say about it. There are loads of characters for you to enjoy and good luck.

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