Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police

Captain Drummond and his girlfriend want to marry but a hidden treasure in the house in which they want to celebrate their marriage is complicating the situation. (Volker Boehm)

Captain Drummond and his girlfriend want to marry but a hidden treasure in the house in which they want to celebrate their marriage is complicating the situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ru) wrote: After graduating high school and getting as far away from his small home town as possible, Henry McCarthy(Mark Polish, who also wrote the screenplay while his brother Michael directed) made it big by writing a best selling novel about his high school experiences. That entitles him to give one high school commencement speach. But somehow the airline is not so impressed when they lose his luggage. At least Henry has friends(Sean Astin & Josh Holloway) who are still there to give him a ride from the airport. And then Henry starts immediately obsessing over Scarlet(Winona Ryder) who barely knew he existed in high school and has problems of her own currently with her ex-husband Brad(Marc Blucas). "Stay Cool" is an uneven comedy with some great moments in amusingly detailing how high school never really ends. One can simply try to move on as best as one can. Just as much as Mark Polish's awkwardness in the lead works both for and against the movie, the movie's main strength comes from its supporting cast, namely Winona Ryder who definitely needs to be in more movies. Otherwise, there are a couple of odd references and product placement.

Freddy M (nl) wrote: BORING. I feel like this was some sort of joke on the audience. Let's see if an audience will watch paint dry next. I bet some critics would be compelled to say they thought watching grass grow was a "profound experience". Zzzzzz.....

Sam D (fr) wrote: 10 minutes in I realised I'd already seen the Hollywood adaption, so I had a hunch where the film's direction was headed. The pay off in this original was unsurprisingly cleverer and left more of an impression. (Despite the lack of Emily Browning)

Jack L (jp) wrote: Decoys is appropriately named as it caught my attention while another fifty plus, sub-par but better nonetheless, horror movies escaped the fate of having me rent them that night. The plot is simple and sounds like a horror fan's delight. Aliens disguise themselves as beautiful women and seduce men at a college in order to kill them or at least that's how it's described. The women look gorgeous from a few feet away but on close-ups it becomes beyond obvious that they are middle-aged women under a thin layer of make-up, pretending to be college-aged. The R rating is strictly for sexuality and nudity, the nudity was a single 20 second scene and only revealed how unconvincing the disguises were, holes in the middle of their chests and bodies lacking navels, any implied sexuality was quickly ruined by tentacles coming out of these holes which were created entirely out of bad (and I mean BAD) CG effects so I'm forced to wonder how anybody could include "sexuality" as a reason for upping the rating of this movie? By my standards, this ranks below the Discovery Channel seeing as these creatures are at least fictional. It doesn't take long for the acting to reach a level of such mediocrity that the acting itself creates plot-holes. The main guy is too drunk to stand one second and running across the hall the next. A girl is screaming to be let into a bathroom for a good 2 or 3 minutes and when she comes in, we find that she's about to throw up and clearly can't open her mouth to scream that she needs in and even with her mouth covered (for those who understand what this means) her eyes alone were overacting. Each of the main male leads has at least one scene where they take the opportunity to show off how bad they can act (I can't remember for all the females whether or not they do) although as the movie progresses the acting either improves or I simply grew accustomed to it so the story is just barely comprehensible. The "Decoys" as I suppose they're called, had left their planet and are now killing men on Earth "one dick at a time" as it has been described. In an attempt to not spoil what little this movie has to offer. They are made stronger by the cold and have a weakness against fire but kill their victims by freezing them from the inside out, which makes absolutely no sense b/c as anybody who's ever taken a Physics class can tell you, the only way to freeze something rapidly is to suck the heat out of it, meaning the aliens are preying on men for heat and yet need to occasionally spray their tentacles with liquid nitrogen to keep themselves cold enough. (SPOILER IN NEXT PARAGRAPH) Later, one of the "victims" (who actually volunteers to much protest of the alien who was going to do it, yeah I know it's dumb) manages to survive the mating process without freezing but is impregnated with the alien larvae which crawls painfully out of his esophagus in the best show of special effects the movie has, although it's still very mediocre. After the bugs crawl out of his mouth they burst into icicles or seeds or something, the movie's not very clear. He's rushed to the hospital but dies before arriving. This should be a very emotional scene seeing as he's the main character's brother and the director realizes this except the sad music queue is pulled a few seconds before the character actually dies so it's like the producer cut in with a voice over of his own and said "don't worry, he's about to die" Although the movie abused it's horrible CG renderings, messed up music timing and refused to get the "college-aged women" the dialogue swore you were looking at, the acting is my chief complaint in this movie from beginning to end. The cliche "world's worst detective" who suspected the main character no matter what (completely ignoring the medical mystery that a body was somehow frozen from the inside out), the girl who could magically scream without opening her mouth and even the main character felt the need to yell out some stupid thing ("The launcher says HELLO!!!") every time he was about to attack one of the Decoys at the end. It's not believable, sexy or even logical but gets a 20% for the final scene alone, which although it made an obvious set-up for a sequel (NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!) was hilarious nonetheless.

Zac C (ag) wrote: A pretty good one-man army, but certainly no psychological thriller. Kept waiting for something unpredictable, but not in this movie.

Amy (gb) wrote: I loved this movie for its time. I love this soundtrack as well.

Bill B (ru) wrote: Gave this one a re-watch, and I have to say that while I stand behind the initial grade I gave this one, I actually liked it slightly more on this viewing, presumably because I knew where it was going and was no longer expecting a big reveal or scare near the end.There's never any real burning, but the flick manages a few creepy moments here and there. It unfortunately never really gets scary, and with no big reveal to be had, you're left with some okay performances and scenery chewing, but the haunted house story itself has no teeth.Worth a look on cable or a possible rental.

Lawrence B (ca) wrote: Not the most memorable or impressive Hitchcock movie but a worthy enough one nonetheless, thanks to Clift's careful performance and an interesting premise.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: Irritating to the point of almost unwatchable, with nothing remotely funny about following three unbearable retards amid stupid gags and so many homophobic/racist/sexist remarks - and Charlie Day is an awful actor who thinks that yelling in a high pitch makes him funny (it doesn't).

Private U (br) wrote: The acting is so bad!

Daniel I (ag) wrote: I was interested and with Michael Moore until he blamed the bank crisis in Iceland on testosterone, wow can you imagine if I blamed anything on estrogen. Sorry once he said that I was done I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

Lisa M (fr) wrote: Without exaggeration the worst movie I've ever seen. The premise sounded like it had some potential. But the premise became watered-down and meaningless. Waiting for a moment that never came, the time ran out and there was still nothing there... no excitement, no suspense, no empathy or concern for the characters, no twists and turns... it just kind of 'laid there'. I hope someone remakes this into a fabulous film... but alas...