Bulldog in the White House

Bulldog in the White House

"Bulldog in the Whitehouse" takes political satire to obscene new heights: portraying the Bush administration as a cabal of lustful and traitorous gay men who are too busy having sex to notice the empire crumbling down around them. An explosive and darkly comic adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos' novel Dangerous Liaisons, the film's web of sex and deceit centers on Bulldog, a hustler who seduces his way into the Washington press corps to gain access to the halls of the political elite. At the bidding of his puppet master, a corpulent and power mad Karl Rove, Bulldog engages in manipulative trysts with Whitehouse hotties like the demure press secretary, the religious leader and the confused, imbecilic good ol' boy president himself.

"Bulldog in the Whitehouse" takes political satire to obscene new heights: portraying the Bush administration as a cabal of lustful and traitorous gay men who are too busy having sex to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie M (fr) wrote: captivating and very clever film making.

Stephen B (br) wrote: Absorbing and moving account of life in a Cuban ghetto.

Daniel T (us) wrote: I used to watch a lot of B-Movies and still believe they can be a goldmine of happiness. This film which I was forced to watch instead of Dr. Strangelove, which is point against it in the first place, doesn't even qualify as 'so bad it's good'. In places it is entertaining on that level, and there are a couple of surprisingly interesting (though under-developed) ideas here, but far too much time is spent in charismaless bickering. It gets an extra half-star for the use of the word 'footle', but apart from that, this is really just sluggish and annoying. The trailers for other cheapo movies on the DVD held more entertainment. In fact, Snakes on a Train looks like being much better than its 'inspiration'.

Kyle M (es) wrote: An utterly charming and quite engaging, yet poignant time travel flick at a new perspective while touching bases with coming-of-age subjects as its strength. (B+)(Full review TBD)

Brett M (gb) wrote: One of the best films I've ever seen!! Easily on the level of Delicatessen, city of the lost children (or any of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's work) or The Cook, the Theif, His Wife and Her Lover or even any of the Brother's Quay work!! I'm completely in love with Jan Svankmajer's work, I adore his shorts, his stop motion, his ideas- the man is a brilliant surrealist artist!One of the best aspects of this film were the completely absurdest moments interjected into the story apropo of nothing, where bits of meat would jump and dance around the screen. Easily one of my favorite moments, when the meat becomes puppets and jiggle around on a tiny stage to weirdly high pitched tinker toy music. Fucking brilliant!!

Nicholas H (ca) wrote: I'm not going to lie: I had no expectations about this. Why would I? Eddie Griffin in a movie called "Undercover Brother" doesn't illicit thoughts of Academy Awards. Yet I still highly enjoyed this stupid little film. It blended some of the stupidity of Austin Powers with the tropes of blaxploitation films. I have no idea why more people didn't like this.

Poison I (ag) wrote: Alyssa Milano did i spell that right?

Craig W (ag) wrote: Despite the fact is seriously racist it ok, i mean the first 2 are better but this entertained me no end.

Evan M (es) wrote: Woody Allen. ...You either love him or hate him. I don't think I need to say much more than that. Regardless, a genius film. A perfect, well balanced mix of comedy & drama that never takes itself too seriously. And personally speaking, a fave.

Kris K (kr) wrote: "if I beat him, does that mean I am champion of the world?" Classic line

Ens Lt Greg T Trenton II El Dorado Sovereig (fr) wrote: it was a good movie and well acted, if i can find it i would get it.

Doug O (ru) wrote: One of the best and most original thrillers of the 60s It has a terrific story, great performance by Michael Caine, one of John Barry's best scores and a smashing title song by Shirley Bassey. The pacing is difficult for those raised watching Sesame Street and MTV and may be beyond their short attention span...

ELENA G (de) wrote: I don't get it, a Lewis movie unreviewed? This is a must see if you appreciate the fun, irreverent, ironic, acid trip colors side of splatter horror. Forget the plot and slowliness, there are some serious funny scenes to watch at. Also flixster rating is pretty sad, 38% likedit, looks like it's a general rating by a wide target of people obviously not into splatter

Alex G (nl) wrote: Despite a few great scenes, this film falls flat in almost every category. Its ending throws a real conclusion out the window in favor of a cliche 'everyone wins' affair that never deals with the ramifications of its choices.

Steve G (jp) wrote: France's Mr. Bean. Tati also borrowed from American silent comedians such as Chaplin & Keaton. He brings his famous Mr. Hulot back to life in this sequel.Its predecessor, 'Mr. Hulot's Holiday,' might have had some better gags -- but I'm not crazy about gags to begin with. This is a better movie. It's more interesting & it's funnier. The house itself is a character. The modern architecture is both intriguing to look at, & serves as a marvelous pivot point for comedy. It lends itself to many situations of hilarity; not least of which is the haughty elitism of the homeowner. I don't think it was a promotion of poujadism or a critique of modernism as much as harmless jabbing at the unknown novelty. That's how I took it. I have to say, though... I love the house!