Bullet Collector

Bullet Collector

Bullet Collector follows the traumas of a wide-eyed 14-year-old boy. Recalling the world of Antoine Doinel in François Truffaut's The 400 Blows, this unsettling, visually brilliant drama ...

Bullet Collector follows the traumas of a wide-eyed 14-year-old boy. Recalling the world of Antoine Doinel in François Truffaut's The 400 Blows, this unsettling, visually brilliant drama ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dann M (ag) wrote: Abigail Breslin stars in the dark, true-life crime drama Perfect Sisters. Based on actual events, two sisters, Sandra and Beth Anderson, grow tired of the abuse and neglect of their deadbeat, alcoholic mother and her boyfriends, and begin to believe that her death may be their only way out. Unfortunately the performances aren't that good and don't make for very compelling characters. The directing too is underwhelming. Also, the plot is poorly constructed, with random fantasy segments that feel out of place. Additionally, the ending is rushed and doesn't give a lot of attention to the aftermath of the Anderson's actions; bringing into question what the moral of the story is. Perfect Sisters is far from perfect, but it does explore some provocative social issues.

MF J (au) wrote: The new Jean-Pierre Jeunet isn't a great film but it's beautifully shot, full of creativity and inventions characteristic of his cinema. The story is a little superficial and goofy like the cast. The actors seems to have a lot of fun playing silly characters but somehow it turns the film into a cartoonish entertainment where some serious might have help raise the quality here and there. Still the concept is original and we can salute the effort here to try something different. Unfortunately it feel a little repetitive , the design of the film reminds us of his previous work, the tone and music same. I would have enjoyed to see some novelty but as I said the effort is interesting and full of inventively original tricks.

Armand E (ru) wrote: Wow....... This movie was so horrible I couldn't help but finish it. Nothing about this movie made sense. NOTHING! Who directed this?!?!?! This is awwwfffuuulll.. Why? Why? Did they think this was good..?? The only movie i've seen that was worst than this is Blood Trails. This is horrible. Im getting sick to my stomach just thinking about how god awful this was. Who thought it was a good idea to have a FAST FOOD KILLER CLOWN?!?!?! With every scene that passed I began to hate Comcast On Demand more and more. For even putting this on there. And then I got another question? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A HORROR CHANNEL WITH ALL THE WORST HORROR MOVIES?!?!?!? And then when there are good ones on there they only last for 2 days! What's wrong society? Who approved this movie?!?! Who said it was ok to continue working on this?? And a sequel?!?!?! Who would watch another one of these? Infact i'll do you one better. What actors after reading the script would say yes to this movie? No amount of money is worth starring in this movie. At least the Wiggas in the beginning got their 15 seconds of fame and moved on. They embrassed themselves, then got off the screen. The stars of the movie actually stayed in for the whole movie and and tortured not only the audience, but themselves as well. This movie was so horrible I wouldn't let any of the actors get a job this country ever again!! It should be illegal to let anybody who played in or worked on this movie to live in the United States! (No scratch that. Other countries shouldn't have to deal with this either.)Or even the universe for that matter!! If you hate somebody with a passion recommend this movie to them. I bet you if we played this movie in all prisons throughout the Country the Crime Rate would dramatically decrease because of the fear of having to sit in a cell and watch this movie all day. Avoid this. Don't watch it at all.

Wicharn P (ag) wrote: concept was interesting, length and slowness killed my interest tho.. the trailer made it seem so much better...

Frances H (de) wrote: Good film about two young people who have a lot to overcome before they can be together, told without romantic sentimentality, but very effectively.

Private U (de) wrote: this is by no means a sequel to ninja scroll and it leaves far too many stones covered.

Mark N (es) wrote: Not content with Deth's creepily mismatched pursuit of Lena from the first movie this time we see the old man lock lips with an even younger co-star at every opportunity while not doing the same to his child bride. The plot has barely moved forward and many of the ideas and scenes are like alternate versions of the first movies. To its credit the cast return and the characters so sync up but with no new ideas the steam runs out very quickly.

Mark D (us) wrote: DEcent script and quite amusing. Also some good performances by Beatty, Christie, Hawn etc etc etc. Not as good as i hoped though.

Jerry F (fr) wrote: Unfortunately the 'Powers that be' in the UK have stopped showing these Clint Eastwood Classics on the TV. And they are now difficult to find. I remember seeing this one in the Cinema and thought it was superb.

Van R (ca) wrote: BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is the last film that M director Fritz Lang made in America and the theme of this intriguing but far-fetched law and order thriller is the morality of capital punishment. Capital punishment, crime, and murder obsessed Lang throughout his lengthy career and this RKO release contains several good performances. Tom Garrett (Dana Andrews of THE OX-BOW INCIDENT) is a former newspaper journalist turned novelist who agrees to test the strength of the justice system when his former boss, newspaper publisher Austin Spencer (Sidney Blackmer of DUEL IN THE SUN), thinks that the local district attorney is too good at his trade. Spencer does not like the idea that District Attorney Roy Thompson (Philip Bourneuf of THE MOLLY MAGUIRES) will exploit his ability to send men to the electric chair as a means to becoming the next governor. When a burlesque queen is murdered, Tom and Austin proceed with their plan to implicate Tom for the homicide. Meanwhile, Austin's daughter Susan (Joan Fontaine of SUSPICION) does not understand this secret scheme that her father and Tom are concocting until she sees a picture of her fiance in the newspaper with another woman Dolly Moore (Barbara Nichols), who stripped at the same club with the victim. Anyway, Tom buys a grey top-coat which a witness, who could not discern the facial features of the man, said he was wearing. Tom takes a lighter that Susan gave him and throws it in a ravine near where the girl died. Eventually, Thompson takes Tom into custody and charges him with the death of the stripper. The morning of the sentencing, Austin puts all the pictures in an envelop and backs out of his garage. No sooner has he backed out than a truck collides with him, knocks his car over, and a fire erupts. Austin dies in the car and the evidence goes up in smoke. Tom reacts with shock at the death of Austin. He goes into court and explains what happened, but the jury finds him guilty and he is sentenced to die in the electric chair. The two sizzling surprises that cap this nifty 80-minute melodrama will leave you reeling. The chief difference between this version and the new Michael Douglas version is that Lang did not have the elaborate technology the director Peter Hyams takes advantage of in his remake. Furthermore, the protagonists in the Lang version were targeting the death penalty and the ease with which Thompson won convictions on circumstantial evidence. In the Hyams version, the district attorney is crooked from the get-go. Unfortunately, this threadbare, black & white production will strike contemporary attention-deficit audiences that crave explosive action-fests as boring.

Calvin R (kr) wrote: Blade 2 was an improvement.

Mitchel C (jp) wrote: Unbelievably underrated.