Bullet for a Badman

Bullet for a Badman

Former Texas Rangers Sam Ward and Logan Keliher become enemies when Sam turns bank robber and Logan marries Sam's ex-wife.

Murphy plays ex-lawman who must strap on the guns again to catch a former nemesis, McGavin, who happens to be the ex husband of Murphy's wife and father of the boy that believes he's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casey M (de) wrote: The music in the movie was the only thing that didn't make me want to shoot myself.

Carlos Z (es) wrote: Fascinating film about life in Iran and attempts to subvert the authority of religion. Some success, some having to give in.

Kelly K (au) wrote: Truly wonderful... Coco Chanel is fashion and one of the reasons that I love fashion so much. This film portrayed her style, attitude and talent very well.

Michael B (es) wrote: whoa there, even the kids in this movie find their new lives a drudge. more plot holes than plot, and French Stewart is billed below Pauly Shore, who doesn't screw this movie up, because he doesn't do anything. My 9 and 11 y.o. were equally unimpressed. This movie is without cursing, innuendo or drug reference, so very family friendly, unless you LIKE your family.

Abishai S (jp) wrote: This is a boring movie that's too long.

Caad T (mx) wrote: a different theme, that was well handed

CorrinaBing B (ru) wrote: Really odd but great movie.

Kara H (es) wrote: Really good but not overall that exciting or suspenseful. Just a lot of sickness and also makes me want to clean my house.

Sean K (ag) wrote: A hyper eccentric look at the ropes of football from the off key player lifestyles to the choices inside and out of the.football stadium, Any Given Sunday is an electrifying piece of film making. And though the film tends to be over long and the choppy mtv style approach to the game leans on near annoyance, the film is powered by a strong.cast that lifts itself from mediocrity and over resilience. A good Oliver Stone flick...

Les E (it) wrote: Just creepy with an incredibly annoying and dumb lead character.

Ethan B (mx) wrote: I may be biased about this film as I was in a production of it 7 years ago where I met my current girlfriend and future wife (sounds familiar after watching this film). But this is the film and I tried my hardest not to compare it to the stage musical. I have to say I was impressed. The script holds up incredibly well. The comedy is all still laughable and not as dated as per usual of films from this era. At times it felt very scripted, but that's just the style of the time period and the genre. And it's interesting that the main synopsis of the film is actually the B plot. As the movie is really about guys and dolls--as simple as that sounds--it's ingeniously disguised as a film showing a glimpse of the world of underground gambling. And the music goes beautifully with what the main themes of the story are. Even one of the gambling songs (Luck Be A Lady) begs for monogamy from a supernatural force.The performances of all four lead were great too! Although I'm pretty sure I caught Frankie acting on a couple lines. But I'll let it slide since he was very convincing otherwise. And the characters may not have been as deep as can be, but they were very well defined--which is the least you can expect from a musical comedy.The only thing that I would do differently would be for Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown to not get married at the end with Nathan and Adelaide. It takes away from their moment a little bit, and it doesn't make much sense why Sarah wouldn't get married in a church since she is a holy roller after all. They should have showed them getting engaged or something like that instead.Overall, Guys and Dolls is silly and fun and a quick two and a half hours of your time! I definitely recommend a watch!Twizard Rating: 97

Simon D (br) wrote: I don't believe that I have seen a film about FDR before, so this was interesting. The portrayal of the English monarchy was also interesting; I think it would have been a bit more flattering had this not been a British film. The story is quite good and the performances were above average.

Byron G (br) wrote: Fantastic movie. What Sci Fi should be.

Carlos M (au) wrote: A very human and delicate look at loneliness, told as an animation that feels like the perfect choice for this kind of story, with waxy characters that seem to wear masks and are all (but two) voiced by the same person; it is just a pity, though, that the end feels a bit abrupt.