Bullet on a Wire

Bullet on a Wire


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Bullet on a Wire torrent reviews

Guimo P (us) wrote: Though its ending is too overwrought and safe to cement its social critique, Human Capital does well in portraying how money corrodes family, relationships and passions with its elegant cinematography, tight plot and praiseworthy performance of the cast. It is fast, riveting and self-reflective in the end.

Cristi B (ag) wrote: wowleft me breathless during every game

Denise A (ca) wrote: Never even heard of this film. Looks funny.

Todd K (ca) wrote: B-acting, slow, not believeable

Brandon W (es) wrote: The only reason I've heard about Alien Nation, was that people talked about that District 9 is a little similar to this. When I the watched it, I can kind of see how it's similar, but it's not much of it. Alien Nation is a great movie that is a bit underrated in my opinion. James Cann and Mandy Patinkin are really great and their chemistry has some good laughs in it. While the aliens working at the Earth and now it can affect people can be very interesting and new at the time, and it only lasted for a few minutes and then it goes to the cop story that probably is one of the reasons why some people doesn't like this film. The cop story isn't bad per se, but we've seen this before and it does some of the buddy cop tropes. The characters are good, and the writing is decent. There's some new interesting ideas about aliens that honestly does it better with some of the aspects than Signs did. The make up is really great to the point that the alien's past is pretty interesting. If people actually don't like it because it's the same buddy cop movie but with an alien instead, I completely understand. For me, I enjoyed Alien Nation a lot for what it is, when though it should've been more original.

Paula P (es) wrote: If you love music and beautiful Olivia-this is a great musical. BTW its coming out as a Broadway production in May. Can't wait to see it!

Bruno V (br) wrote: Great like the First Rocky , for me ...i wish i've had seen more boxing , then only the Final 8 minutes . But the story was entertaining to ...his love for Adrian , Coach and So ... SOMDVD

Peter M (ca) wrote: An fascinating look at the cultural divide between suburban and outback Australia through the eyes of a foreign director, Nic Roeg. Perplexing.

Tanner B (jp) wrote: -IGNORE THIS RATING4/4Brilliant WWII film about the phase of George S. Patton (Scott, unforgettable as the controversial American general), and his contentious orders and remarks during his command. Sensational lead, masterly done all around; an absolute must. Screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola, and Edmund H. North. One of the all-time greatest biopics, and one of the best films of the 1970s. Winner of Seven Oscars for Picture, Actor, Director, Script, Art Direction-Set Decoration, Editing, and Sound. Fred J. Koenekamp's cinematography, and Jerry Goldsmith's scoring are certainly worthy of praise.On a technical side, the first time I saw Franklin J. Schaffner's "Patton" I felt an exhilaration beyond words. On a good day, I think "The Godfather" is the top film of the decade (1970s), on a bad day, I think it's Patton. "Patton" was, and still remains an important classic, and contemporary war drama. It was a landmark of the early 70s, seeing it now, it holds all its grip towards one of the great moviegoing experiences. 4/4.

Rodolfo R (es) wrote: I thought this was going to be a film noir. It's from RKO in 1951. stars Robert Mitchum and has a vaguely salacious title. I was wrong. Oh, how I just despise thouse three words. Especially in this case, as [i]My Forbidden Past[/i] is your run-of-the-mill melodrama, complete with a last-minute courtroom revelation. Oh, I'm so titillated. I'm not even going to bother describing the plot because I stopped paying attention about 30 minutes in. Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner were both sexy and performed well enough, but I got the sense that they cared about the plot about as much as I did (think [i]The Little Foxes[/i] only in New Orleans and without anything interesting). Third-billed was Melvyn Douglas and he's always just bugged the shit out of me. He comes off as smug and self-satisfied in every single movie. The only thing I've ever liked him in is [i]Ninotchka,[/i] because...actually, come to think of it, I like [i]Ninotchka[/i] despite his presence.

Silvestre S (ca) wrote: I've always heard this is the best horror movie ever so why not give it a shot?

bill s (br) wrote: Harmless if unimaginative fun.

Ja R (fr) wrote: Non che il film abbia qualcosa che non va... proprio la storia a non avermi presa pi di tanto!

John C (au) wrote: Plot has more holes than a swiss cheese, yet somehow still worth watching if you're willing to suspend some disbelief.

Laura L (de) wrote: While Miley Cyrus isn't terrible, the cliche-ridden script absolutely is.

Bruce R (ca) wrote: Boring and derivative. That's about it. Kids loved it, but I thought there was not much to it. Very boring in parts.

Paul M (gb) wrote: I'm writing this review because I can't believe that the film isn't in the list of RT's best comedy films. A little different to the commercial mainstream style it may be, but if you are not in a hurry and do not require constant stimulation, then this film has a few surprises that are worth waiting for. Watched it with my 12 year old who also found it hilarious.