An undercover police officer named Rock Keats befriends a drug dealer and car thief named Archie Moses in a bid to catch the villainous drug lord Frank Coltan. But the only problem is that Keats is a cop, his real name is Jack Carter, and he is working undercover with the LAPD to bust Moses and Colton at a sting operation the LAPD has set up.

Two criminals, Keats and Moses, end their friendship when Keats turns out to be an undercover cop. Years later the two are forced to work together when Keats is assigned to protect Moses as a witness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bulletproof torrent reviews

Archibald T (es) wrote: Very boring and has one of the most stupid scenes ever put to film: A spider robot nazis hybrid raping one of the soldiers. That's the only highlight in this piece of crap.

Nick P (it) wrote: Better than ALL the Spiderman's combined. This was by far the most realistic superhero movie ever made. Hilarious, Badass, and AWESOME.

Nick A (it) wrote: This deft, tonal art piece is a bewildering stunner and a new coming-of-age classic of urban filmmaking, joining the society chiefed by Satyajit Ray's ageless 1954 masterwork "Pather Panchali" and otherwise comprised of Hector Babenco's "Pixote", David Gordon Green's "George Washington", and Fernando Meirelles' "City of God". Yet, unlike the aforementioned, "Chop Shop" settles its location on New York turf (right across the way, in fact, from Shea Stadium, home of the Mets), where the dreams of millions are fertilized -- and, as we're shown here through a surveyor's lens, where the dreams of millions aren't. "Shop", which premiered at Cannes last year, is one of the most seductively raw American independent ventures in memory, and it's graphed with bravery and, more notably, genuine passion -- dynamics shared with its extraordinary young study, Ale -- by its expressive composer, Ramin Bahrani. Alejandro, or "Ale" (played by the pristine Alejandro Polanco, skipping his public school classes in the name of cinema), is a young street-raised orphan living and working in a junkyard auto shop in Willets Point, Queens (known locally as "The Iron Triangle" for its industrial locale) with his 16-year-old sister, Isamar (Isamar Gonzalez). But, as one would expect for a child alone/without guidance in the boroughs of New York City, times are rough, and the world is harsh. Even so, the ever-optimistic Ale and Isamar are determined to make something of their lives, spending every waking moment working hard for money -- when not niggling autos at the expense of his boss Rob (Rob Sowulski) or pulling others apart for chop shop mechanic Ahmad (Ahmad Rasvi), Ale's pawning off DVDs where his sister works a food-vending cart or selling candy on the subway with his neighborhood buddy Carlos -- which they've been saving for their eventual ticket to success, freedom, and happiness. Bahrani's heartfelt expos of childhood in a madly adult world has been praised for its neorealist style. But, though the film certainly fits all the criteria that characterize Italian Neorealism -- story of poverty, location filming, nonprofessional actors (none of the leads, aside from Razvi, whose first ever acting assignment was the starring role in Bahrani's 2005 debut "Man Push Cart", had ever so much as taken a role in a stage play, let alone in a motion picture) -- the term itself can only account for so many levels, and Chop Shop graduates to higher ones. No "neo-" preface is needed (or accurate); this movie IS real.

Collin M (es) wrote: Somebody better have lost their job for letting this one get made

Dorianator F (gb) wrote: Pretty decent movie. Really slow though. Good acting and a good story. I didn't particularly like the main girl though.

Ren Eloise G (es) wrote: its so romantic , funny , and great!!!!

Juli N (de) wrote: Incredible sequel! Vincent Cassel is no longer a young and promising actor, he has become the quintessential actor!

Collin P (it) wrote: Even with a great performance from its cast and being an entertaining movie, Conspiracy Theory has too many plot holes and cliches to be considered "good".

Jackson S (fr) wrote: An overall good movie that has waaaaay to many subplots that comes off as a little showy and hard to latch on to. The best things about this movie are the cinematography and the performances of Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

Jack P (ru) wrote: A horror film about a man who appears and kills you when you say his name in the mirror 5 times. Sounds like you're typical plot line for a slasher, however as the film progresses more of the story unravels and reveals what is a in depth, rather sophisticated horror. Completely unpredictable and unique in its own way, Candy man is a film that'll always make the must see horror film polls. A cracking thrill for all horror fans alike.