Bullfighter and the Lady

Bullfighter and the Lady

An American takes up bullfighting to impress the ladies but learns to respect the sport.

Johnny Regan, a U.S. citizen, goes to Mexico and takes up bullfighting as a lark, hoping to impress a Mexican beauty, Anita de la Vega. His lighthearted studying, under the tutelage of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bullfighter and the Lady torrent reviews

Lisa H (mx) wrote: stupid and trying to be sexy but ends up whorry

Nick B (jp) wrote: Some slapstick mixed with some witty banter. I'd definitely support a sequel if it's in the works.

Crystal R (de) wrote: This movie gives me hope. A star studded cast that made this movie so incredible.

polyNesian p (de) wrote: what a beautiful and touching story...great actors all round. kol hakavod

Jenny B (de) wrote: This movie was cool in a "what would you do?" kind of way.

Ray H (de) wrote: If done well, this could bring the richly developed universe created for the series to those who don't play games. The story lines involved in this franchise beat most of the two dimensional drivel being pushed by Hollywood lately.

Kyle A (ca) wrote: The first 15 minutes of this film made me cringe. The acting, the storytelling, everything, felt amateur. But once the meat of the movie became apparent, "61*" showed itself to be a slight cut above your average sports movie (a genre I care little about). The film, directed by Billy Crystal, follows the historic season of two Yankees looking to breaking the home run record. What's interesting is that while Mantle and Maris don't care about the record, the city does, and its media plays the role of 'intriguing cinema' in this tale of "America's Favorite Past time"

Swaroop R (es) wrote: Flawless performances by Kajol and Shahrukh Khan, great visuals of Europe, easily one of the legendary movies of Bollywood. You leave the cinema wanting to watch it one more time, and once more again.

Bill H (gb) wrote: An excellent Western, arguably the best western on the 80s. Eastwood is flawless in his portrayal of the "Preacher".

Jeff A (br) wrote: I am embarassed to say that this movie always makes me cry...

Don M (ag) wrote: Hilarious! Entrepreneurs MUST SEE! Jayne Mansfield's funiest movie ever!

emily h (jp) wrote: After the fifth time I finally saw the whole thing without falling asleep and it was really good

Johnny L (gb) wrote: It gets points for being a unique treatment of the "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" subject, but is not particularly engaging on the whole.

Lee M (de) wrote: The scattershot story doesn't fully serve this stellar cast, as the drama often flags. But when it connects, the tension is almost unbearable.