A college professor agrees to teach the son of a gangster and becomes a pawn in a deadly game.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Hindi
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A college professor agrees to teach the son of a gangster and becomes a pawn in a deadly game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robby K (ag) wrote: I wasn't going to review this simply because, well, it's not film. It did go to theatres, and Hart is the biggest name in comedy right now, so I suppose my thoughts could be relevant. Kevin Hart is captivating, whether you like his comedy or not, you can't deny his ability to keep an audience's attention. And he certainly does it again this time at a sold out football field in Philadelphia. Unfortunately he focuses too much on his performance and not his comedy. It will still make you laugh a few times and fans of his will still enjoy the experience, but more often than not you will find yourself smiling, rather than bursting out with laughter.

(jp) wrote: I like beads and sttarfish.

Roberto V (ru) wrote: Very impressive movie from a greek director. Gorgeous settings and wardrobe and a solid cast and expert direction

Rick V (mx) wrote: Very strange movie (Netflex)

Mark A (de) wrote: Spiritual awakening in the scenic byways of western Canada...but only sort of.Less extreme horror exploitation than a null-budget anarcho-punk statement from identical twin sister auteurs Jen & Sylvia Soska (a.k.a. Twisted Twins), DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is the visual equivalent of lo-fi riot grrrl garage rock-mashing up Robert Rodriguez, Harmony Korine, Nick Zedd, Amos Poe, and Eli Roth, with an occasional whiff of Greg Araki. The movie has to be taken on its own terms. In keeping with a homage to no wave and grindhouse esthetics, the Soskas apparently consider continuity to be cisgender heteronormative fascism imposed by imperialist capitalist elitism: exterior shots filmed before & after a snowstorm are spliced together; one character's severed limb randomly appears re-attached; it seems that a lead role had to be reinvented on the fly when the actress cast for the part didn't show up on set and the only available substitute was the cameraman. Some viewers can roll with this; others can't.Still, the script is energetic, brutal, funny, often quite sparkling, albeit the actors mumble and stumble through any dialogue more complicated that "F*&K!"The plot? There's a dead hooker in the trunk: roll camera and--ACTION! More specifically: Geek, her severely hungover twin sister Badass, and Badass' equally hungover punk-rawk pal Junkie are giving Geek's friend Goody Two-Shoes a lift home from his Christian youth ministry when, en route, they discover that someone's stashed drugs and a corpse in the boot of Badass' car. So...call the police? It's not like they had anything to do with it, right? Well, that's another problem--BADASS: "Last night is really fuzzy..."Thus the quartet, uncertain whether they're psycho-killers, have to find an informal way to ditch a cadaver in suburban Vancouver in broad daylight in winter--and pious Goody Two-Shoes demands they do so while respecting the dignity of the deceased. Plus, they're all being hunted by the real murderer or murderers. Complications, mayhem, mutilations, homicides` 'n' hijinx, along with gratuitous everything and a cameo appearance by God, ensue. It all hangs together-often barely-by dint of the Soska sisters' relentless fan-sensibility attitude.

Diana A (fr) wrote: Joanna Hogg sure knows how to play with her characters. You have the two teams, the grownups and the teenagers, and you would be expecting the plot to highlight the generation gap, instead this time, it only shows two identical sides. Same dull people, same boring drinking games, same meaningless arguments. Age has little to do with their actions, as caring does no go further than being polite, and hypocrisy is almighty for each and every one of these people, dull to the point of hatred. Anna's fault is not being part of any team, you see her trying hard to find her place and finally failing disgracefully as the outsider, like the guest that broke your grandma's favorite flower vase, not even worthy of being upset with.

John T (jp) wrote: This girl dies and goes to some purgatory world. I thought it was great. It had a good look and feel to it. The acting was dead on. I really can't complain with this one. I really liked the story/plot.

Aaron C (ag) wrote: slow, but effective portrayal of isolation

Zbynk S (kr) wrote: Zbavn 1/2 splatter-horrek o ji 3/4ansk 1/2ch hillbillies, kter 1/2m kraluje 3/4nrov celebrita Robert Englund.Jednotliv vidlci a jejich vystupovn je sprvn> p(TM)ita 3/4eno za vlasy a dokonce jsem se i prkrt zasml.Gore mohl b 1/2t sice trochu odv 3/4n>j, ale o ten tady primrn> nelo.62%(2% navc za 3/4asn (C) rednecky a vtip s rovntky)

Dann M (nl) wrote: "Don't f*** with the babysitter!" Elisabeth Shue is in for the ride of her life in Adventures in Babysitting. Directed by Chris Columbus, the film follows a teenager named Chris Parker who receives a call, while babysitting, from a friend in distress, and is forced to taking the kids she's watching with her into the city as she attempts to help her friend. The plot is kind of formulaic and follows a lot of the tropes of teen comedies. However, the charisma of the cast (especially Shue) helps to make the material work. And, there's a fun theme with Marvel's Thor that provides some good laughs. Additionally, Columbus keeps the tone lighthearted and brings a sense of whimsy with his directing style. A little silly and cliched at times, Adventures in Babysitting has its flaws but is still an enjoyable romp.

William E (br) wrote: A werewolf movie with Ed McMahon? How could that be bad? Alan Arkin's hilarious, though.

James M (ru) wrote: One of the better Carry On Films.

Luis C (br) wrote: Um mergulho na psique de Julietta e sua luta com os fantasmas da culpa catlica.

Matthew S (au) wrote: Ozu's first colour movie and a continuation on his family theme of an old fashioned father dealing with his daughter's modern ideals. Again, Ozu improves his narrative making each film of his more appealing and compelling to the viewer.

Oliver K (au) wrote: Mizoguchi's best film. One of cinema's great monuments.

Kevin W (gb) wrote: Meh, this wasn't the hacking movie with thor I thought it would be

Official C (mx) wrote: A clever movie filled with twists and turns, with plenty of creepiness and suspense. It's the kind of movie that starts off already intriguing, and continues to become more and more intriguing as it goes along.

Douglas B (br) wrote: This one absolutely earns its high scores. A wonderfully written, well acted crime piece. I watched it right after hearing of Bob Hoskins' death, and I was made all the more sad by the passing of such a great talent. He could do more acting just standing quietly in a room than most can do with their very best moves.

Jay B (es) wrote: Classic creature stupidity. Turn off your brain and just enjoy.