Bungee Jumping of Their Own

Bungee Jumping of Their Own

Two soulmates find eachother only to be torn apart by tragedy. However, not even death can keep them apart...but can destiny?

Two soulmates find eachother only to be torn apart by tragedy. However, not even death can keep them apart...but can destiny? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunita P (au) wrote: That looks soo stupid waste of time

Private U (ca) wrote: 1917. Camille fr ett brev frn sin man som r soldat dr han sger att det r hans sista brev och att hon aldrig kommer att hra av honom igen. Hon klr sig som man och slr flje med ett gng soldater p vg mot fronten. Det r ett speciellt sllskap - och en speciell film. Roligt och vackert berttat och med halsbrytande stilgrepp, inte minst med verraskande musik. Samtidigt en frd mot mrkrets hjrta. Dessutom ovanligt msinta mansskildningar - knsroller r en sak som jag tycker att den hr filmen handlar om.

Michael Y (ca) wrote: The Quiet is an incredibly dark and disturbing movie about what could pass by our very eyes in a seemingly normal suburbian family. This film may disgust you, or bore you. It could have been better, but the strong themes make this movie compelling. After the death of her father, Dot, a deaf teenager, moves into the home of her dead mother's friend and her family. The family is dysfunctional, and Dot isn't exactly getting along with the family's daughter, Nina, nor at school. Though Dot cannot hear, she discovers a sick secret of Nina's. The Quiet is a very good character based movie. You have a bunch of characters who do not face their problems. They do not make choices. They prefer to be as silent as Dot is. A little resolution or redemption would have been nice to see in this movie, which is probably why this movie isn't favourable with critics. I see this movie as one that is not about redemption, it's about the lack of redemption in the real world and the consiquences for our lack of action. There are a tone of good themes about comfort and acceptance too which don't seem to be touched as thorough as it could have, but this is a story about Dot and Nina. It's a scary and haunting story that is unforgiving and personal. Everything a good story should have. There's a very nice lonely and haunting effect done in The Quiet that fits like a glove. There's no stylized look of the world, but the cinematography and effects make a fantastic tone. There always seems to be a calm yet distant feel between characters and their view of their world. Rarely do characters feel connected. Always distant. Very dark lighting and heavy shadows adds a brilliant effect. The movie is depressing, and it lets you know that from the start, but you still won't know just how depressing the movie is until you see the plot unfold. What I also like about this movie, and this is really important, are the little details and effects. There's a spacific shot that is set at night when it's raining and you can see the shadow of the raindrops dripping down the window. It wasn't a spacifically significant scene, but that detail was not only important, but the way it was done and shot was very emotional and effective. I love little details like that, and this movie has some nice effects like that. Camilla Belle and Elisha Cuthbert, who are known for playing not too smart teenage sex symbols, do an exceptionally excellent performance as their roles. Always in the moments, always mysterious, wonderful through and through. Disturbing content like this movie deals with doesn't get a lot of praise or recognition, but The Quiet is definitely an underrated indie film that hits hard with important subject matters.

James S (br) wrote: Sad movie, sad ending but great story..deep and impacting

Charles P (gb) wrote: Wes Anderson and the Wilson Brothers would go on to do great things with their careers, but their debut Bottle Rocket, though somewhat endearing, is too self-serving and unfocused to be their showcase.

Daniel A (jp) wrote: Overflowing with ideas and creativity, it's a shame Almodovar didn't opt to hone his creativity down and focus on expanding his more brilliant ideas more fully, because Kika is all over the place. With legs akimbo this film shows Almodovar at his most erratic, skipping from scene to scene, never entirely making sense and bombarding the viewer with increasingly more surreal scenarios. Admittedly when it works, there are flashes of outrageous brilliance, such as a 10 minute rape scene shockingly played for laughs, and the costumes courtesy of Jean-Paul Gaultiere are fantastic. But ultimately its not enough; for me this is Almodovar's least satisfying film.

Gemma P (kr) wrote: This is one of Steve Martin's best films, and I could watch this movie again and again. The most poignant scenes, for me, are with Helen and her children. It is easy to see their attributes and, also, their flaws. I like movies where I can learn about situations outside of my own, and this movie does just that. It also made me laugh but, more often, it just made me smile.

Ben C (es) wrote: It's one of these films; set 10-20 years ahead of the Vietnam War, centered on veterans trying to forget their traumatised past. I at least found it reasonably provocative to watch even though it is outclassed by other great films that are either set past or during the chosen war of their own.

Andy T (it) wrote: Entertaining and simple, Gremlins is a fun family film that is easily enjoyable, putting together neat special effects and a catchy score.

art s (br) wrote: Wonderful cinematography and great acting from the beautiful Sophia. And Anthony Perkins was wonderfully eerie just like in Psycho... but a little toned down. This is a hidden gem! :)

Natosha P (au) wrote: Alright movie kept me interested the whole time, not a must see but a good movie to watch with friends and age approved people