Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop

Daikichi learns that his recently deceased grandfather has an illegitimate daughter with an unknown mother. The girl's name is Rin and she is just 6 years old. Everybody in Daikichi's family looks at the girl as an embarrassment and wants no part of her. Daikichi, annoyed by his family's attitude, decides to raise Rin by himself. Even though Daikichi himself has no experience raising a child and is still single. The movie is based on Yumi Unita's popular manga series "Usagi Drop".

Daikichi learns that his recently deceased grandfather has an illegitimate daughter with an unknown mother. The girl's name is Rin and she is just 6 years old. Everybody in Daikichi's family looks at the girl as an embarrassment and wants no part of her. Daikichi, annoyed by his family's attitude, decides to raise Rin by himself. Even though Daikichi himself has no experience raising a child and is still single. The movie is based on Yumi Unita's popular manga series "Usagi Drop". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jori P (es) wrote: Mielenkiintoinen ja erillainen kauhuleffa.

Jennifer L (ru) wrote: I debated for months about whether or not to rent this movie, but was finally convinced to after seeing a preview for it. Interesting plot-line and ending, though I was kind of confused by the old girlfriend twist that was thrown in for reasons somewhat unknown to me. Interesting movie that brought up some thought-provoking questions. Sisto was both down-to-earth and intriguing as the priest.

Dann M (fr) wrote: Hot Tub Time Machine delivers a wacky adventure that's outrageously hilarious. When three friends take a trip to a ski resort they end up accidentally going back in time to 1986 where they have to relive a seminal weekend of their lives in order to prevent disrupting the timeline. The cast includes John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Chevy Chase, who all deliver great comedic performances. However, the time-travel aspect of the film isn't that effective: as it focuses too much attention on '80s fads, and the humor isn't organic to '80s culture. Still, while the lack of cleverness in the writing holds the film back a bit, Hot Tub Time Machine is entertaining and has a lot of good laughs.

Alex M (br) wrote: Cadavres est un film particulier, pas la porte de tout le monde, avec un humour noir. Le lien qui unit le frre et la soeur demeure obscur jusqu' la toute fin. Quelques bonnes ides, des personnages trs caricaturs projettent une image de cirque en dcomposition. Normal lorsqu'on a affaire une multitude de cadavres.

Dan P (de) wrote: Lead actor Liam Nilsson did a better job acting the part than the Kinsey did (in the features). Period costumes, automobiles, and furniture in the movie was impeccable. The theme of the checkered background throughout the filming was in particular effective and the movie made an enjoyable journey of the numbers about sex, because it wasn't particularly a display of sex at all. Nice angle to some umpteen hundred statistics and a great screenplay and directors adaptation and his last name of "Condon", was an appropriate name for the movie. The three young interviewees Chris O'Donnell, Timothy Hutton and Peter Sarsgard (Maggie Gyllenhaal's husband) kept the humor alive, too. The perky wife was another great cast for performers who all seemed really into their character. Full frontal nudity was a shock even though the movie was about sex, but mind you, the study of sexual behavior, that took on an academic tone from the very beginning. This movie is not a Timothy Leary's viewpoint of the subject matter at all, so the stark naked shot was a bit edgy, or over the edge since we are all programmed to have the camera switch angles when actors disrobe; in this particular scene, you kept waiting for the camera to change angles and it never happened. A unique scene that even though I was watching it alone, I was a tad bit embarrassed, and more shocked that it stayed glued on the naked subject matter from head to toe as he stripped down to nothing.

Douglas R (ca) wrote: Really good. NCHS boys Xc and i saw this the night b4 our meet. very inspiring.

Dawn B (gb) wrote: i love this movie and it's great how he grows up before your eyes with the problems he had and was as a teenager and the man he grew up to be....plus he has an awesome car

Nate T (br) wrote: Painful to watch. On Blu-ray.

Emily N (fr) wrote: This is one of the best films I have ever seen out of the 1970's and compared to all the over rated crappy "masterpieces" that professional film critics verbally ejaculate over, I have to say to all those highly over rated themselves film critics that you emperors have no clothes. Maybe I'm too much of a Bicentennial Baby with all my Gen-X honesty telling you, the older generation that this is one of those movies made to be appreciated by a later generation able to appreciate what Bogdanovich was trying to convey. Some of the 1970's is still good, some of it is stale crap, highly over rated cliched drivel. And then you have this film: it looks good now but it had to wait for a few decades to go by for a much younger audience to appreciate it. Just like what Woody Allen did with "Everyone Says I Love You" and that was the same premise and that film was unfairly ripped a new one like this film. And guess what? People with high IQs who just like a simple, care free musical love these films. They're called "musicals": you might want to have an open mind watching them next time. Musicals don't need car chases or explosions or female nudity or squibs squirting red corn syrup stage blood everywhere. I just want to see a nice film from 1975 from a talented director showing his girlfriend at the time singing and dancing with Burt Reynolds and the late, amazing Madeleine Kahn and some Italian guy with a great voice and the valet from "Magnum P.I." and "Zandra" from the sitcom "Will & Grace." I loved the singing and dancing and art direction. If you don't like how some of us Gen-X-ers turned out in what we like cinematically then don't blame us: we're not the generation that created Disco; we're the generation that recovered from the mistakes of previous generations. So, cut us a break and just let us watch our Bogdanovich musicals in peace why don't you?Now, Mr. Bogdanovich: stop being an over dramatic drama queen about "At Long Last Love" it's a great movie in my opinion and my opinion to me means much more than the lives and welfare of any pompous, delusional film critic. Just send those jerks to a penal colony for all I care. And for crying out loud, release it on Blu-Ray considering you cowered about releasing it on other formats all throughout my lifetime. Thank God you finally released it on streaming video. give future audiences a chance to think and judge for themselves your work. Film critics ruin film for other people.

Dann M (au) wrote: "Traguna, Mekoides, Trecorum, Satis dee." The Disney classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a whimsical adventure. The film has a fairly good cast, which includes Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, and Roddy McDowall, and features several fun musical numbers. Based on a children's book, the story follows an aspiring witch who's studying witchcraft in order to help with England's war effort during World War II. There's a bit of an odd tone to the film, with the mixing of World War II elements and fantasy, and the combining of animation with live-action also seems rather out of place. While it has its shortcoming, Bedknobs and Broomsticks still has that Disney magic.

Brian S (br) wrote: Another great entry in the Evil Dead franchise. It's almost impossible to hate this movie, there's so much charm and entertainment to it. It looks a lot like the second one, the effects are extremely cheap, but comedic. It's weird, cause this was a big budget film, I don't know where did all the money go into. But anyways, it's really good and funny and won't dissapoint you at all. And it has it's gore limits, not like the first two films. Recommended !!

Johnathon W (kr) wrote: Brilliant action film that remains not only the best in its genre but also the best Christmas movie ever made. The cast is superb across the board, with the principles giving the performances of their careers. Bruce Willis cemented his superstar status as John McClane, playing him as an everyman just trying to save his wife. He's not a muscle-bound superhero as was the standard at the time, but just a quick-thinking (and often lucky) cop who really doesn't want to be in this situation. He is matched brilliantly by the late, great Alan Rickman (in his first film role) as Hans Gruber, who crafts one of the great villains in film history. Gruber is a charming sociopath who is has no qualms about killing to get what he wants, but does it with such intelligence & style, you actually root for him half the time (it's not coincidence that 'Ode to Joy' plays when the safe is finally cracked open). Behind the camera, John McTieran keeps the film going like a finely tuned watch, with every character & subplot paying off. He also grounds it in a nice bit of realism (there are just 12 terrorists, and you count off as each dies) and McClane spends to first half of the film hiding from the terrorists while trying to call for help breakthrough in non-macho action heroes. The fact McClain gets his butt kick most of the movie & is an utter mess at the end (you'll never go barefoot again) just makes you root for him even more. The humor is fun as well, from McClane's classic quips to the terrorists small but human moments, from making bets on who dies to seeking a candy bar. Simply put, the best action film ever made and the best Christmas movie ever.

Francis M (us) wrote: Made in 1985? Yet looks more like a 1950's B western. Likable but by no means a classic.

Joe M (es) wrote: Watched for the 1st time (!) and was rather disappointed. Perhaps if I'd seen this when it first came out in '87, I might have given it a higher rating being younger and dumber. But, Spaceballs just doesn't hold up to the test of time like some of Brooks other works, Airplane or the Naked Gun series. A few yuks, but no great laughs.