Bunnyman is the story of a group of friends on their way back from a spontaneous weekend trip to Las Vegas, and while driving through the remote regions of southern California they suddenly find themselves in a sickening game of cat and mouse with a five ton dumptruck and, when looking for help, stumble upon a nightmarish family who takes pleasure in dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

After showing 8 mm footage of a handcuffed woman being stabbed to death, the film switches to six friends who are driving through a desolate area when they find themselves being harassed by... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johannes J (ca) wrote: Det er vist 28 dager siden jeg saa denne. Jeg ga den tre stjerner, men lurer paa om den ikke hadde fortjent mindre siden jeg ikke husker det sp?tt av filmen. Eller er det kanskje meg det skranter litt med?

Trista J (de) wrote: Though the characters are rather flat you can't help but to like them. Not the greatest but it's ok to watch once in you're life.

Sharon R (kr) wrote: when you lose someone you love in an accident it is very hard to live with it. When you feel you had something todo with them being in that accident it is maybe even harder. for these to characters to be-able to support each other through life and have this bond is a special kind of love.

Ryan E (br) wrote: What? Why am I being asked to rate this?

Shake Z (kr) wrote: You know, for a direct-to-video movie, this thing was actually pretty good. Warwick Davis was very likeable and funny as the leprechaun, and the plot was very fun. I completely understand that many people will find Leprechaun 3 very dumb, but for any fans of dark comedy, this is recommended.

Greg S (ag) wrote: I took me a long time to get around to seeing this movie. I was surprised by how bad it is; it's hokey, campy, poorly acted, poorly directed and very spectacle focused. This suffers from everything that made a movie bad in the 90s. The soundtrack is the best part of this film.

Patrick D (au) wrote: U2 are the ultimate marmite musicians. If you love 'em, you really love 'em, and vice versa. For me, some of their tracks are very good, but sometimes the 30-year-long collection of plaudits they've received can be very annoying. I mean come on, give someone else some credit! But this is an OK documentary/concert movie, charting U2's blues-rock phase, and particularly interesting considering this was only three years before they entered their euro-dance influenced midlife crisis phase with Achtung Baby.

Al H (kr) wrote: A film full of imagination.

Ben F (gb) wrote: "Tightrope" basically had a plot that I would say no thank you to if anyone besides Clint Eastwood were in this movie. But because he's the star, you gotta see the movie. After finishing it, I felt that the film was a good view, but that's about it. Being as Eastwood didn't direct this film, you can already feel the different style as the film begins, but there is still that dark ominous tone that you'll usually find in his detective films from the 80's. There really wasn't anything wrong with it...but there wasn't really a lot to like about it. Eastwood plays a cop hunting a serial kill whos killing prostitutes. During his investigation he has some personal conflicts of his own, dealing with getting too close in the case, and struggling with his own children. The plot is ehh, like I said. Nothing really original in this one..but Eastwood makes up for it I guess. Eastwood has his awesome swagger as he usually does. He doesn't really put on a phenomenal role, but only because the script itself isn't really that good. You could tell that he was trying his best, so I guess I give him credit. Alison Eastwood plays his daughter in this movie, being as she's his real daughter. I felt that this was probably done because the content of the film was so lifeless that Clint felt the only way he could actually seem upset was if his daughter was actually involved. I guess the movie gets intense in certain areas, but not enough for you to feel like your at the edge of your seat. The movie goes by pretty quickly, and your left saying.....mmm...okay. Like..I didn't really have any thoughts about the film after it...I just moved on to a different movie. Nothing memorable. Yeah so like I said, it's a good view, but that's about it. There's nothing memorable about this film. Eastwood puts on his classic 80's style of acting, runs around, shooting a bunch of people, but as far as substance goes, it's not really there.

Ian B (de) wrote: Terror Train is a decent 80's slasher flick that's really only remembered for two reasons...Jamie Lee Curtis, and it takes place on a train. Yep, that's about it. The movie follows all the familiar beats the genre is known for, but compared to a lot of the similar films released at the time, Terror Train doesn't quite hold up. Director Roger Spottiswoode brings a great deal of style and atmosphere to everything, but his efforts are constantly dragged down by a weak script. There's a confusing attempt to build some mystery, but it's clear from the first five minutes who the killer is. Jamie Lee still manages to make it all enjoyable, while David Copperfield shows up as a creepy magician (what a stretch), and Hart Bochner is just as much of an asshole here as he was in Die Hard. None of the characters are particularly memorable, the killer isn't very menacing, and for a slasher flick it's extremely lite on gore and scares. You could definitely do a lot worse than Terror Train, but I'd still only recommend this one to longtime slasher fans.

Lynne N (ru) wrote: I love Dean Jones (first childhood crush), otherwise I might have overlooked this movie. It is typical Disney family movie fare, but whoever said that was a bad thing? There are some funny moments -mostly featuring Harry Morgan's eccentric old bell-hop - and Dean Jones could make any slapstick watchable.