In a world with no guns, a mysterious drifter, a bartender and a young samurai plot revenge against a ruthless leader and his army of thugs, headed by nine diverse and deadly assassins.

Bunraku is the story about the meet-up of three strangers: the mysterious Drifter, the Bartender and Yoshi, a young samurai searching a chance to revenge for his dead father. Together they aim to bring down the reign of Nicola, a powerful crime boss who is ruling the town with his gangs of nine deadly assassins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (kr) wrote: Ordinary commercial comedy that bears no resemblance to real life. It can be entertaining though. Michael Sheen plays a bit part in this movie and it's a complete waste of his talents as there's nothing significant about his part.

Elaina M (nl) wrote: Very interesting and very educational about fashion and it's forefather

Nisse L (us) wrote: Funny twist of 2 friends with troublesome lives.

Inger Lise L (kr) wrote: This movie had me at the edge of the chair, Loved it:)

Devin G (ca) wrote: It gets better as time goes on.

Corey N (de) wrote: Bronsons last collaboration with the Cannon group is probably one ofhis best films of the eighties, and it is a very sleazy film with veryin-pc characters which owes a little bit of a debt to Eastwoods 1984thriller tightrope.Bronson stars as another carbon copy of his character Paul Kersey, acop who bends the law a little to get his man. and the 'man ' in thisparticular film is duke a pimp who kidnaps minors and rents them towealthy businessmen. irking Bronson as he has a daughter around the same age, he spends themajority of the movie bullying duke and talking really angrily towardhis superiors. he sets fire to Dukes car and even makes him swallow hisown watch, and defending his 67 year old body against a tyraid of badguys.in the mix somewhere there are subplots involving Bronson's daughtergetting touched up on the bus by a Japanese business man, and the samebusiness man having his daughter kidnapped by duke, but these sub-plotsare side lined by the silly set pieces and one of the most funniestscripts ever written.the film hasn't aged well and is very racist in some respects due toway Bronson treats the minorities (his rant outside of a hotel ispretty shocking and would have him shot today), but this is Bronsonafter all, and as one of his daughters friends state 'boy, he ISextreme'if you are a fan of the cannon films of the eighties or a Bronson fan,this is a great movie to watch, a great cheesy soundtrack and full ofdisposable bad guys, and a great ending that is a little bit differentfor once.

Grant S (it) wrote: So-so sci-fi-action-adventure movie. Kind of Max Max meets 28 Days Later (with a bit of Duran Duran's "Wild Boys" video mixed in). Had a lot of potential, and was quite interesting and intense for the first half or so. However, became a fairly stock-standard action-adventure movie from a point.Reasonably good action sequences.Rhona Mitra puts in a decent performance in the lead role. (And looks very good doing so...). Other performances are nothing to write home about. Malcolm MacDowell and Bob Hoskins don't have much screen time and are only there to give the movie credibility. Hammiest performance goes to Craig Conway as Sol, the leader of the bad guys.