Bunuel and King Solomon's Table

Bunuel and King Solomon's Table

Toledo in the 30s: The godfather of cinematic surrealism, Luis Buñuel, the poet Federico Garcia Loca and the painter Salvador Dalí are on a search for the mythical table of King Salomon, which is known to have the power to see in the past, the present and the future. Their scour paths them through hilarious moments of absurdity and lots of references to movie history.

Toledo in the 30s: The godfather of cinematic surrealism, Luis Buñuel, the poet Federico Garcia Loca and the painter Salvador Dalí are on a search for the mythical table of King Salomon, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael G (br) wrote: May be a tad strange and slow for some. I loved the craziness. The film was well shot and Shannon was gold as always.

Antara G (fr) wrote: India will never win an oscar bcoz such movies arnt sent..eklavya..paheli..goodness..yuck.

Sean S (ru) wrote: Quite silly but good fun. Some impressive cameos.

Jesse O (gb) wrote: It's been a long time since I've seen this movie. I seem to remember seeing parts of it on TV, but I did actually go see this movie in the theaters. I must have been 11 or so at the time when I went to saw it. My mom was cool like that. Anyway, for some reason, I had a desire to watch this movie again. I will say that, while this movie probably doesn't hold up as well, I had a lot of fun going back and revisiting this movie. One of the things that I must say is that the gore and practical special effects look absolutely fantastic, even 16-17 years after the fact. Granted the film did cost $100 million to make, so they'd have more money to make it look better, but even with that, the movie's decapitations and decapitated heads look pretty fantastic. Usually in horror movies, when they show the severed head, it looks absolutely nothing like the actor portraying them. Not in this film, the heads look eerily similar to the actors, to the point where it's almost creepy to see them. And the actual editing for when the horseman, or anyone else for that matter, cuts the heads off of people looks excellent. So, for me, that part of the film holds up better than even films that came out in the last five years. The cinematography is also fantastic, like a dark Gothic horror film come to life. It, obviously, pays tribute to Hammer films in this approach. It should be obvious to any fan of Hammer films that parts of this film were obviously tributes. With that said, it still falls in line with Tim Burton's visual style and approach to cinematography in his movies. And, no surprise, before he became a Disney mascot, Johnny Depp is real entertaining here. What I like about Depp's portrayal of the character is the fact that, as a hero, he's pretty damn ineffectual. He faints at the slightest hint of blood or gore or just plain being scared and he's also afraid of spiders. He also hides behind women and children when he's facing something that might be dangerous. I definitely liked how Johnny Depp portrayed the character. And it's actually, more in line, with his post-Pirates efforts than his films prior to Sleepy Hollow. It's a little more goofy and funny. With that said, I think the film's narrative isn't great, though it makes up for it with some great atmosphere and gore. Though I will admit that the film embraces the B-movie thrills like nobody's business. It's a fun movie to watch honestly and the fact that it's gory means that it's probably a lot of fun to watch with a group of friends. I will say that the film, while not being great, does craft a pretty interesting mystery to figure out that I, honestly, had forgotten all about, so it's like watching it for the first time all over again. So that was good. It's not the best of Burton's and Depp's collaborations, Dark Shadows would have take that dubious honor, but it's far from the worst and it's, quite frankly, a lot of fun to watch in spite of that. I'd recommend it if you haven't seen it yet, it's a good and entertaining horror film.

Chlo W (de) wrote: omg omg omg. i looove this movie!!! <3<3

Tom B (nl) wrote: Terence Hill and Bud Spencer allways put me in a good mood. This movie is no exception. To bad they don't make westerns like this anymore.

Juli N (kr) wrote: 3 1/2 stars for inspiring Piper Laurie's uber dramatic death scene in the film Carrie!

Delicia D (es) wrote: mammy vs. tragic mulatta. (guess who wins.) good v. evil. (guess which side wears black.) pie in the sky religiosity. (guess what u have to do to get your reward.)

Zack B (fr) wrote: Average western that usues the predictable plot of hiring a gunslinger to kill a squater. Only this movie puts the twist of hiring the squater to, in return, kill the gunman. As far as westerns go, you could do better or worse.

Sean M (es) wrote: Scoot McNairy delivers a great performance alongside an enigmatic turn from Brad Pitt. These players are supported by a strong cast in a solid crime thriller that is unfortunately let down by it's own vanityThe lack of subtlety is apparent from start to finish. You are aware that this film is trying to deliver a message, and are reminded of this at every possible moment.As with every Andrew Dominik film, 'Killing Them Softly' is a cinematically stunning film. Each frame is bleak and coldly lit. One stand out scene being Ray Liotta's character being beaten in a rain-drenched parking lot.A scathing commentary on America's Capitilist agenda; this film failed to make a mark on the box office. But at the end of the day "It's only money"