Three poor musicians become rich and famous, due to an appearance on a TV show. Unexpected success and money tears old friends apart. The bass player, Burduš, lonely and lost, decides to go and find new friends.

Three poor musicians, fair entertainers, become famous and rich persons, due to a TV-show participation... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Burdus torrent reviews

Mad M (jp) wrote: Pretty good and entertaining, fresh feeling too.

Ian M (de) wrote: I miss Tom Jane, but this good. At least it was rated "R". (Watch the short film Punisher Dirty Laundry on youtube instead)

Anthony S (ag) wrote: Part two of Che is less satisfying than part 1 as it focuses on his lost campaign in Bolivia. This means you are watching a slow, agonizing slide downhill without much payoff for the audience. It(TM)s unsatisfying as a narrative and may have been better realized as a straight documentary.

Johannes J (us) wrote: Lenny: "Sex is not the answer."Bob Crane: "I know that Lenny, it's the question. 'Yes' is the answer."

Josh H (gb) wrote: Definitely worth watching

Simon T (fr) wrote: An unapologetic pastiche of Terrence Malick's vastly superior Badlands, right down to the shameless Carl Orff music by Hans Zimmer. As with so much of Tony Scott's output it never knows when to stop (Gandolfini's beating up of Patricia Arquette) and places visuals and soundtrack over story and script. One scene transcends all the others: Christopher Walken's interrogation of Dennis Hopper. These guys know what they're doing, and for once Scott allows it to play without fuss.

Abel D (us) wrote: Despite Craig's sleepwalking and the last 15 minutes screaming 'reshoot', the 2007 Body Snatchers is actually fairly decent. 'Invasion' is well shot, has a couple of tense sequences, and Ottman's score is actually fairly unsettling, if a little droning.

gab g (br) wrote: WANTTTTTT

Calvin R (nl) wrote: Ghost Ship is a decent creepy film, but not scary. However it has a good atmosphere, and the performance was good.

George R (de) wrote: Pretty dang funny stuff. Hard to find, but available on google play streaming. Stan Laurel draws most of the laughs- I'm ranking him now alongside Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. The actresses playing their wives did good work too. Oliver Hardy mostly acts as "straight man", but is funny in his own right. A great team, in probably their funniest full movie.

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: Tim Burton has officially become full of himself with this well-meaning but flawed remake of a beloved classic.

Megan R (nl) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie! It kept me on the edge of my seat, and my heart pounded every minute after Julia disappeared, and I'm not exaggerating! Highly recommend if you're a fan of action!

Gabriela G (fr) wrote: Classic masterpeice! I love this movie