Burlesque Massacre

Burlesque Massacre

Crystal is the lead dancer in her own Burlesque show, but she has other plans for her troupe on this tour. While visiting Crystal’s brother, the Burlesque girls start to be picked off one by one, and its anyone’s guess who will survive.

70s style slasher film about a serial killer and Burlesque Dancers . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlok W (ag) wrote: Good supernatural/mystery/horror--Indie Gem!!

Melvin W (de) wrote: Jonathan Kaplan: We want frontal nudity from the waist up. Total nudity from behind. No pubic hair, go to work."The Ultimate B-Movie Feast From The Far, Far East!"Machete Maidens Unleashed!, besides being an awesome title, is an entertaining look at the horrible and cheap movies that were made in the Philippines. I'd much rather watch a documentary that talks about the behind the scenes stuff than actually watch any of the movies that were talked about. Other than Apocalypse Now, I haven't seen one of the movies that was made in the Philippines, nor do I wish to. This documentary does a good job summarizing what every cheap movie that was made over there was trying to accomplish. Their going to show a lot of breasts, a lot of blood, a lot of terrible looking monsters, rape, torture, and any other tasteless form of bodily harm or sexual acts they can.Where this movie gets it's entertainment value from is with the interviewees. Joe Dante and John Landis in particular. These are two guys that I could listen to all day. Plus their real filmmakers that have good movies to their credit, that just know so much about these types of movies. Mostly because those B-Movies are what gave them their start. Then there's the man himself, Roger Corman. He has quite a bit of screen time as well, where he describes different projects that went on. Corman talking about the movies is much more interesting then the movies themselves. There's plenty of other interesting interviews also, such as Pam Grier and Sid Haig, plus a lot of no name actors, actresses, and directors that took part in the movies.This is a short fast paced look at filmmaking in the Philippines. It's definitely worth a look even if you're not a fan of the particular movies that this is describing. It sure isn't going to make you one, but it is going to give you an entertaining and humorous look at them nonetheless.

James R (au) wrote: This film seems like a straight to DVD release with it's cheap British cast and cheaply filmed action scenes.

Ed A (au) wrote: A pretty raw movie, both in content and as a piece of film making. Shakey camera work, at times out of focus assist in giving the story a seedy, dirty feel. I didn't find it that easy to workout the characters' relationships to each other. Although it was quite shocking in it's explicit potrail of 'sex and violence', it didn't quite compel me as I'd expected. In fact, I was just starting to get into it when it ended rather abruptly.

Ramn M (kr) wrote: Moccia dirige su propia novela. Una simpatica comedia italiana....

Siri B (kr) wrote: One star for a good idea. One star for great acting. The rest? Doesn't *quite* make it...

Carol H (es) wrote: The "Fairytopia" movies aren't as good as the Barbie princess movies. They're a lot weaker and repetitive.

David C (ca) wrote: The best film of Indian cinema I've watched so far.

Matthew A (jp) wrote: Schizopolis is one of the most experimental films I've ever seen. All closed minded people should steer clear of this film, you won't find your satisfaction in it. You will probably end up looking in the wrong places. If you don't think you'll enjoy spending time analyzing the various, multi-dimensional, and plentiful intelligent nuggets of satire then please stay away because you will find nothing of interest. Elmo Oxygen will change your life as you know it. A+

Akash S (au) wrote: The ordinariness of the characters in this film are so carefully crafted, and if the scenes are carefully analysed in the light of all the information, the characters are really not simple and black/white as they seem. The Coen Brothers, being brought up in Minnesota, critique the Minnesota Nice nature - people with their plain and warm exterior with folksy speaking style, but not so empathetic or well-wishing from within; the characters are as cold and distant as the letters of the film title because the characters are as emotionally isolated as story's vast empty landscape. The accent and snow, the white and distant environment, all these things accentuate the feel of the living conditions and community of northern US. I can't testify to the accuracy of the time and place, but the Coens surely give us an intriguing character study.The film takes quite a few witty jabs at capitalism and consumerism; it explores people's (here, especially Americans') obsession with fast food, television and cars. The realistic dialogues and quirkiness do make the characters stand out, like all Coen Brothers films. Many might say Marge Gunderson is the only character with good morals, but she isn't as pure as she seems. Marge, though an interesting character who defies prescribed gender roles and becomes our lead protagonist (though she enters only after one-third the film), she is as emotionally distant as the rest, as evidenced from her murder-scene inspection and ending ride with one of the kidnappers. Her routine life and by-the-book procedure, combined with her husband's not-so-sophisticated paintings about ducks and the decor of their house, exemplify the fact how they are a regular couple in a consumerist web so blissfully content in their simplicity and mediocrity.Expectation vs what's given to us. From the opening title where it says that this is based on a true story and events are shown as it occurred, a certain expectation is set. The Coens take advantage of this liberty and tell the story in the most unusual but interesting way. But they subvert these expectations by slowly inserting scenes that people couldn't have known (if the events are being shown as they occurred). But this helps us understand the characters much better. (We now know that almost the entire thing is fictional, other than, maybe, the murder that inspired them.) The Coens do this throughout the film. Two other good examples come from the scene where Marge meets her Asian friend from college. Compared to the ways Asians are traditionally portrayed in films, Mike really stood out - not at all a clichd, accented Asian guy, but an emotionally unstable lonely guy who still stays with his parents in his 30s. And the story he tells Marge about his life, we immediately lap it all up, just like Marge does, not realising that the story had the exact plot details from 'Love Story'. The Coens surely take other such jabs at American pop culture. It's not what you expect from a true-story-based crime thriller. It's not what you expect from a comedy. Coen Brother films never usually fit into a single genre, and the unusual blend of crime and humour makes the film stand out.And without Roger Deakins, the film wouldn't look the way it does. That parking lot scene has been praised and analysed to death by now. And yes, it's a spectacular shot and has so much to say. The acting from everyone in the cast is terrific, especially Steve Buscemi, Frances McDormand and William H. Macy. Macy gives us such a unique and memorably loathsome character - an apathetic, selfish and cowardly hypocrite, always maintaining such a cheery facade. But he represents the frustrations felt by the pawns in the capitalist system, rarely able to earn or save much to be financially or emotionally satisfied. Hence, his various schemes to collect enough money, run away and start a new comfortable life.Though just a little less than 100 minutes, the film has been assembled with such attention to detail and innovation that it can be analysed and understood in so many different ways. It's not something that seems so great in the first view itself, but the more you see it or think about it, the more it lingers in your mind. Clever to end the film with the words "Two more months", since we know it might be a reference to the end of winter when the snow might melt and reveal the suitcase to a passerby.

James M (de) wrote: Bad plot, bad acting and just a bad film in general.

Curtis J (ca) wrote: thought this movie was fantastic...great story and kick ass graffiti. Also had my boi tajai in it.

David V (us) wrote: Here is a strange one that you have to see to believe. Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickok, and with the aid of Crazy horse, Bill goes out to hunt down and kill a GIGANTIC white buffalo that is haunting his nightmares! A western Moby Dick with high cheese that is great for a cold autumn night.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Great WW2 drama. Solid, gritty plot, and fairly accurate, militarily. Great direction by Don Siegel - characters are developed well, the story builds at a decent pace and flows well. No excess scenes.Solid performances all round. Steve McQueen, whose movie career was still fairly young at the time, displays the cool character that would become his trademark. Also features James Coburn in one of his earliest movie roles (though he had appeared in many TV series by then) and Bob Newhart in his very first movie role.

K R (gb) wrote: Fun dance numbers with Astaire and Charisse. Somewhat of a soft core propaganda piece against the Soviet Union.

Private U (jp) wrote: Cagney plays a tough-guy with a good heart who gets in the ring to impress a gal. It's actually quite heartwarming, maybe a little too preachy. The early sequence with Cagney's brother narrating his Gershwin-esque "Symphony for New York" has me wondering if Woody Allen had seen this years ago and inspired him for the opening to "Manhattan". Great performances all-around, especially from Elia Kazan, who plays mobster Googli, and an early appearance by Anthony Quinn, who plays Sheridan's controlling and arrogant dance partner.

Ethan P (br) wrote: Your Sister's Sister has a brilliantly awkward complexity to it that's only matched by its warmth and compassionate acting.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Sherlock Holmes is certainly one of my least favorite characters of all time. However, I felt like giving this film a chance because I am a fan of Ian McKellen. McKellen does well with the role, but I felt like the movie itself wasn't very interesting. It did have a few moments that entertained me, so I can't hate on it too much. To me, it is just average and not something that you would have to see unless you really wanted to.

Matthew F (kr) wrote: Maniac Cop is a 1988 horror film starring iconic Bruce Campbell as Jack Forrest. This is a film that fits within the sub-genre of slashers, which were booming during the 80's and still hold a great deal of relevance in today's pop culture. I'll be honest with you, I enjoyed Maniac Cop, but it definitely pulls its punches about midway. The movie opens up with a woman being harassed by a couple of teenage boys who look no more threatening than Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, all they wanted was her picnic basket...After escaping them, she runs into the waiting arms of her heroic police officer...only he's not just a cop. He's a...MANIAC COP!Our movie revolves around this maniac cop taking people out one by one, for now we don't know why as his motives remain hidden until much later in the film. The portrayal of the maniac cop is done in excellence by actor Robert Z'Dar and his amazing jawline. For most of the movie, we get a shadowy amorphous killer. This makes gives the killer more resonance when he's on the scene, truly invigorating a sense of mystery and dread. Mostly sticking to his superhuman strength as his main method of destruction, he does sometimes use other means to bring down the long arm of his "law". What's unfortunate, is the times we actually get to see our killer, are few and far between.The hero of our movie is the indomitable Bruce Campbell, who plays patsy to our maniac cop by means of a Hand of God moment that felt a little bit forced. We're getting a more sophisticated Bruce in this movie, more Evil Dead I, rather than the campy Army of Darkness Bruce I adore so much. Still, Bruce does well with what the writers and Larry Cohen's script gave him to work with.Though the slow burn of this movie doesn't have a huge pay off at its climax, this movie still succeeds, here's why. The believability of this type of horror actually happening in real life is very possible. There's even a turn of events where a tormented cop trying to do the right thing, takes matters into his own hands and deliberately disobeys his superior officer. This tormented cop Is worried about more people being hurt and tells a reporter of the killer's possible police officer background, since he wears an officer's uniform. Once leaked to the public that a cop is the one responsible for the recent murders, the public goes into a panic. One woman, pulled over for speeding even shoots a rookie officer out of fear. Director William Lustig (Maniac 1988) managed to portray a strong sense of this horror, both during the night, and during the day (a rare sight to see). Turning an entire entity of safety such as the police force, into an embodiment of our fears is true horror that's apparent for both the entity itself and the public in this film. Relevance to our current day is pretty strong here, making the tone of this film even more terrifying...Exploring a slew of cinematic styles, and breaking the slasher mold, the audience can be assured that at times, they're going to get a smorgasbord of fun. Some aspects of this film got me thinking of films like Zero Boys (1985) where an action movie wiggled its way into a slasher movie's pants, giving birth something truly memorable.Though this isn't your typical slasher, that's not a bad thing and if you can go into this movie, expecting something new, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.I recommend this movie to any fan of 80's horror movies that's willing to keep an open mind. Though the plot tends to suffer later in the film, the theme remains strong and supported by a killer cast of stars. Buy this movie.