Burning Hope: The Making of Hitman Absolution

Burning Hope: The Making of Hitman Absolution

Behind the scenes documentary about the making of the game Hitman: Absolution.

Behind the scenes documentary about the making of the game Hitman: Absolution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Burning Hope: The Making of Hitman Absolution torrent reviews

Hiran K (mx) wrote: Something made me give 5 stars to this movie....great one....

Stephen K (fr) wrote: i actually do want to see this... i dunno why. lol

Matt H (jp) wrote: Solid character drama, though probably the weakest of the four films I've seen directed by Susanne Bier, a director I've really become a huge fan of. Well acted by Del Toro, and, for perhaps like only the 2nd time (after maybe Monster's Ball), a good performance from Halle Berry. Not that memorable, though.

Chad M (gb) wrote: This is a new one I think, the third? forth?

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Raegan B (au) wrote: Luved it & cant wait to see more of them when they come out....

Gareth P (kr) wrote: Didn't live up to what I was expecting. This is nothing more then a tv drama. I wouldn't rent this wait for it to come on tv or netflix. Some of the acting seems forced and very poor and the story just drags my wife and i started using our phones it got that slow and boring and looked up when it picked up pace before it went back to its slow pace. I feel so much more could have been done with this movie. Expect nothing more then a drama made for tv which is worth watching if you have nothing to do.

Grant H (au) wrote: Good movie. While the plot isn't a hundred percent original, the suspense is strong, the style is good, and the performances are great, especially Caviziel and Kinnear.

Cedric L (es) wrote: Well-acted, well-written and well-directed.

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Burning Hope: The Making of Hitman Absolution torrent

Burning Hope: The Making of Hitman Absolution full movieBurning Hope: The Making of Hitman Absolution (2012) torrent