Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock

Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock

BURNING MAN: BEYOND BLACK ROCK goes behind the scenes of a social revolution to explore the philosophy that fuels it, the social contract that drives it, and the transcendent experience that makes it a worldwide cultural force. Granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Burning Man organization, the filmmakers spent 18 months with the founders, organizers, artists and participants to document the full complexity and diversity of the Burning Man community. But, true to its title, the film goes beyond the city they raise in the desert - revealing the Burning Man's plans to bring its unique culture to the rest of the world. BEYOND BLACK ROCK tells, for the first time ever, the real story of Burning Man - from the inside out.

BURNING MAN: BEYOND BLACK ROCK goes behind the scenes of a social revolution to explore the philosophy that fuels it, the social contract that drives it, and the transcendent experience ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casey W (ru) wrote: This movie is a surreal experience, generally in a good way. In a big shift from the cheap plotless bloodletting of WT5, WT6 is a Stephen King-esque slow-ish movie about a bunch of super-horny twentysomethings at a remote woodsy resort, with a couple compelling hotel-caretaker-baddies, plus the Wrong Turn hillbillies thrown in as the minions of the villains. (As an aside, the hillbillies aren't scary at all here; they're just goofy, like having Muppets as bad guys. And the trend that started with the franchise reboot in WT5 of having them be the bad guys' slaves simply doesn't work, it neuters them.) But even with that issue, I have to say I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected to. It's a weird and disturbing story, and the actors all overact -- it's like they're in on the joke, they know this is a corny franchise -- but somehow it all works for me and I had fun. I'll admit it, I'll watch this again.

Dave H (de) wrote: Top Gun with bi-planes, but actually far better than that glib phrase might suggest. The Dawn Patrol is an exciting "boys own" tale (literally, not a single female cast member) on the one hand, with requisite exciting battle scenes in the air, and lots of tally-ho hard-drinking camaraderie and romantic "flying ace" cliches like celebrating your opponents on the ground. But on the other hand, it's a lot more - an anti-war acknowledgment on the tiny turnover time of increasingly young men being sacrificed as cannon fodder due to older men's folly and insensitivity, and especially a nod to the weight of command/leadership - the "it's always lonely at the top" thingy. I love the way the responsibility for the corp gets passed down across the three lead characters, helping each understand their predecessor better. And of course the film is crammed with stiff-upper-lipped star power of the highest order. So forget the uppteenth rerun of Maverick, Goose, and Viper next time it's on, and give this one a go instead. You won't regret it.

Kerry M (us) wrote: A lot more character driven than 'Kidulthood' was, with a much better performance from Noel Clarke.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Shoddy westernised Eastern film.

Chris M (ag) wrote: One of my most favorite movies of all time I spent years looking for this one

Parker R (es) wrote: Although I'm not familiar with Shakespeare's "The Tempest", this film still features top notch special effects, an intelligent script, and boasts an extraordinary amount of imagination. Forbidden Planet is a rare jewel of its time, and a fun venture into pure science fiction.

Scott W (ru) wrote: Enjoyable Ealing comedy set in bomb damaged post WWII London. A kids adventure film really of derring do as a group of children foil the dastardly plot of a criminal gang lead by Jack Warner. Alastair Sim is great in a small role as a comic writer who helps the kids. Harry Fowler who plays the lead kid is excellent and steals much of the film, especially in his climactic brawl with Jack Warner.

Marco R (de) wrote: um Thriller mediano...

Ed T (de) wrote: Dang it. I want to see what Jodorowsky's version of Dune would have been :(This doc was great.

Jason D (mx) wrote: This is one of my top five movies of all time. I love it.