Burning Up

Burning Up

Racecar-driver Lou Larrigan gets mixed up with a crooked gang of racetrack promoters, and is in love with Ruth Morgan, whose father is marked as a victim by the gang.

Racecar-driver Lou Larrigan gets mixed up with a crooked gang of racetrack promoters, and is in love with Ruth Morgan, whose father is marked as a victim by the gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric G (au) wrote: Frsta filmen jag sg p Stockholm Filmfestival 2012 och en enda stor chansning faktiskt. Lyckligtvis visade sig "7 Cajas" vara bde nervkittlande och intressant berttad. Att storyn ven bjd p en del ovntade skratt i publiken hjer ocks betyget. Kul! Mer snt tack!

Liliana V (ag) wrote: Brilliantly done and smartly written. Absolutely covers the attraction of two people the stroke of each others mojo if you will. Like watching magnets and their different polarities coming together. I loved it! Shows it doesn't take much to create characters that an audience can relate too plus the way the story is told through a series of memories and present day moments.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 91%Watched this on 23/7/15Even though an animated film meant Treasure planet is better than most of the live action sci-fi films that Hollywood churns up these days. It's full of spectacular animation with the sci-fi theme being it's greatest plus point. It's voice cast is splendid and thankfully there's just one song. Another important factor about the film is it's villain that always keeps the audience guessing and the fact that the film does not always try to be stupid PG-13. The supporting and minor characters are also great, namely the robot B.E.N, Morph and even Doctor Doppler. It's vision of black hole as well as supernova and all are great fun.

Pablo Y (nl) wrote: I think at the time was released that movie it was okay, but nowadays is quite boring.

Sagar J (gb) wrote: If I had to pick a single film for my desert-island movie, this would be it. It's moody, morose, and leaves you with a karmic view of existence. I have to confess that none of my friends have ever cared for it, but that hasn't dimmed my opinion of it through the years. The score is particularly good, eschewing lietmotifs for a minimalist feel akin to Glass or Reich, which works particularly well against scenes from the Bronze age and the Roman Empire. One of the best performances by Robin Williams since Dead Poet's Society.

Chuck N (ru) wrote: Eric Roberts' convincing portrayal of killer Paul Snider deserves the same praise lauded upon Robert DeNiro [Travis Bickle], Terrence Stamp [The Collector], Richard Widmark [Kiss Of Death], or any of the top pantheon of cinematic psychopaths. My only qualm really, is how the hokey soundtrack kicks in melodramatically, which can trivialize some of the genuine pain being portrayed onscreen. However, those were the 80's for you - and the late 70's early 80's eye candy here is in abundance. Check it out!

Andrew S (kr) wrote: An old movie, but the plot and storyline makes for a great Action/Thriller.

Bobbo B (us) wrote: Well-acted, small-scale thriller.

Ian E (ru) wrote: "Doubt" successfully relies on the strength of its cast to carry its story forward. With the extremely impressive performances from Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams, they are able to show emotionally deep portrayals of their characters which highlight the film's complex themes.

Peter W (it) wrote: A pretty suspenseful thriller involving witchcraft.