Burnt by a Scalding Passion

Burnt by a Scalding Passion

Virginia and Casimiro are both married with children to passionate spouses, while they are shy and devoted to poetry, crying watching "Anna Karenina" on TV. They commute every day from a ...

Virginia and Casimiro are both married with children to passionate spouses, while they are shy and devoted to poetry, crying watching "Anna Karenina" on TV. They commute every day from a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick G (it) wrote: Hard hitting documentary on the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture. Makes it very clear that, just like fossil fuels, this industry should be considered an enemy of mankind and of the planet.

David H (nl) wrote: A non-stop romp through through the underbelly, both literally and metaphorically, of Rio de Janeiro. Elite Squad takes narco-action and makes it uniquely Brazilian, combining political and socio-economic themes with helicopters sweeping the favellas with machine gun fire. Dramatically on-pitch, director Jose Padhila crafts a narrative about drug dealers, crooked politicians and corrupt cops that leaves you both in dispair of the intratractabilty of the system and in admiration of those brave enough to resist it. Wagner Moura, playing Col. Nascimento, adds depth to what is typically the cliche "cop absorbed by his job fighting the system" role, just one of quite a few surprisingly great performances for this genre. From yacht parties in the bay to street justice in the favellas, this is a heart-pounding tour of Rio that shouldn't be missed.

Jonathan P (fr) wrote: Category 7 should have never been made. Director Dick Lowry should have realized before the project got green-lighted that there was no way with his budget that a movie of this scale could have been filmed without laughable CG and effects. Category 7 has some terrible acting (along with some decent efforts) but really becomes a struggle because of it enormous runtime and CG that was just plain bad. The story was pretty ridiculous too but that doesn't mean it should have been this bad.

Chris C (kr) wrote: A good movie except for Pauly Shore.

Leo B (it) wrote: Great 80's movie for a great 80's classic tv show!!!!

Karmjit S (nl) wrote: nice sountrack and anil kapoor is good

Ice R (kr) wrote: Very good 60s drama.

Allan C (de) wrote: Ultra low budget science fiction tale form idiosyncratic director Edgar G. Ulmer. An martian visits Scotland and comes in peace, but when scheming William Schallert plans to exploit the marian visitor, the alien then turns against humankind. The budget severely hampers what could have been a solid story, but director Ulmer's stylish and atmospheric direction make this one a pretty respectable bit of science fiction.

Meaghan H (au) wrote: eerrrrrr.... thats the wrong new moon! lollage

Daniel L (us) wrote: 1941 is one of Steven Spielbergs weakest films due to the movie throwing jokes at the viewer that has a rate of 60% hit and 40% miss but its enjoyable plus a strong performance from the late John Belushi.

E B (it) wrote: full five star, i say full five star.

Movie M (ag) wrote: "Snow White and the Huntsman" is a retelling of the classic fairy tale, "Snow White", but with a much darker and more serious vibe. Usually, movies like that don't attract me, spinning off something else by doing it darker and more serious just takes away the fun for me and leaves me bored. However, this movie kept it interesting at some parts, sure the pacing was a little off, as I felt it was a little bit longer than it needed to be, but for a medieval dark movie, it did alright. The dialogue was something that I thought needed work, which knocked down the movie, and made it kinda boring. I will say though, Charlize Theron as Ravenna, (or the "Evil Queen"), was absolutely 100% the best part about this movie. Her acting was excellent, I loved her recreation of the wicked witch, and her transformation from beautiful queen to old witch was done really well. If not for her, this movie would've been a LOT worse that it was. "Snow White and the Huntsman" isn't an awful movie, but with bad pacing and a few boring scenes, it's only worth watching if you're bored.

Elias N (fr) wrote: Perhaps the best movie in the series mainly thanks to Cumberbatch's performance as Smaug.

David C (br) wrote: Excellent lead performances by Firth and Kidman in this poignant portrayal of a man traumatised by his experiences on the Burma railway. Some criticise its slow pace and lack of warmth in the key characters, but this in itself is an expression of the formative trauma.