An eleven-year-old boy observes his neighborhood as its surface orderliness rots away.

An eleven-year-old boy observes his neighborhood as its surface orderliness rots away. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil P (it) wrote: I don't know, it was slow but I couldn't quit watching it. I think its because I like the cast. But as much as it bugged me I liked it ?

Jamie I (us) wrote: WARNING: Not for uber religious folks. I really enjoyed this. Maher says at the beginning that it's all about doubt but by the end it's very clear his position on religion. I didn't know there was a Jesusland in FL. Scary. I also found it quite humorous how most people didn't get that he was making fun of them. The reformed gay?Seriously? I'm guessing he was never gay to begin with. It's not a disease people, seriously! I loved this; religious zealots may not.Recommended.

Agustin R (fr) wrote: Great drama movie. Its hard to find a movie where almost everyone does what she or he should do, however reality remains hard. Being sensible to others grief in the face of disaster is a great value.

Delicia D (us) wrote: Well cast. Solid performances.

Richard D (gb) wrote: I had not seen this since it's original theatrical run. Although I do not like Robert Zemeckis's work, I remembered this as one I didn't mind. I was wrong about that. One issue I have with Zemeckis is that he tends to make films that ride entirely on the effects work. Once a film like this gets old enough that the effects work no longer impresses anyone, you have nothing left that's of any interest. What you have here is three actors mugging mercilessly in an unfunny comedy.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Enjoyable enough comedy with the two Coreys. Haim attempts to get a driver's license, fails, and realizes he must do something in order to impress the new girl he's dating. It's, juvenile in that 1988 kind of way, but it had some laughs.

Max M (kr) wrote: One of the many Depression-era gangster films to come out in the wake of Bonnie and Clyde (leave it to Roger Corman to capitalize on a popular film and genre). This is however not only Corman's most deranged picture but also the most deranged Gangster picture ever.Good performances and interesting psychological character-driven script (takes Bonnie and Clyde's whole Freudian phallic symbolism to new heights by just having every character be blatant sexual deviants - the boys sleep with their mother, the mother sleeps with her boy's homosexual lover, one brother screws the other brothers fiancee in front of him. Hell, the opening scene is a teen-age Kate Barker being held down by her brothers and raped by her father!), but a bit too scattered and light on the action. For a damn good AIP gangster picture watch John Milius' Dillinger, released three years later.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good miltary actioner

Christina M (jp) wrote: Cute Movie, great acting from Kay Panabaker.