Bus Palladium

Bus Palladium

Lucas, Manu, Philippe, Jacob et Mario s'aiment depuis l'enfance. Ils ont du talent et de l'espoir. Ils rêvent de musique et de gloire. Leur groupe de rock, Lust, connaît un succès grandissant, mais les aspirations de chacun rendent incertain leur avenir commun. L'arrivée de Laura dans leur vie va bousculer un peu plus ce fragile équilibre.

A comedy that follows the break-up of a French rock group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew R (ca) wrote: Gives me hope that Sci-fi can still generate compelling ideas!

Jack G (kr) wrote: A movie I respect more than I actually like. The first half has Toback using his camera in a totally free-wheeling way- and his actors speak overwritten dialog like it's a screwball comedy, a lessor one- and it gets distracting... but the same style that doesn't work in the first part, jagged and off-kilter, works great for the second half when it becomes a kind of acid-trip comedy. You almost expect Adrian Grenier to go "Free lunch, final wisdom, total coverage!"

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