Busby Berkeley

Busby Berkeley

This tribute to Busby Berkeley features candid interviews with his friends and associates: Ruth Donnelly recalls the frantic filming of _Footlight Parade (1933) _. 'Debbie Reynolds' talks ...

This tribute to Busby Berkeley features candid interviews with his friends and associates: Ruth Donnelly recalls the frantic filming of _Footlight Parade (1933) _. 'Debbie Reynolds' talks ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Michael P (es) wrote: My first thought about this film was, "Oh no, another 'B' movie." Turned out to be a great film. Plot was interesting. And Nicholas D'Agosoto is absolutely dreamy. I wish this young man complete success as an actor.

Gading G (it) wrote: love the coreography!

Jacky L (ca) wrote: not one of woody's finest but still enjoyable enough with some really hilarious moments.

fatima s (br) wrote: The music of the film was exellent......I love it

Greg W (nl) wrote: excellent conclusion to the 8 movies of edgar allen poe and roger corman

Bill M (fr) wrote: Death Proof, when separated from the whole of the giddy, thrilling Grindhouse presents itself as possibly Tarantino's weakest film overall, along with the flawed but truly fascinating oddity that is Kill Bill Volume 2 (really watch it again, there are s a strange mixture of tones and moods going on, it's got a really weird vibe to it) it occupies space at the bottom of the big chinned geniuses filmography as a minor entry in eight film (or seven if you count Kill Bill as one movie) legacy so far. The script for starters is noticeably weaker than usual, the sharp, witty conversations concerning characters covering a whole lot of random subjects and pop culture references, here feels a little forced, not as sharp and effortless as expected from the same man who gave us Dennis Hoppers Sicilians scene in "True Romance" or Christopher Walken's jaw dropping gold watch monologue in Pulp Fiction. It feels a bit too slight as well, like it covers not much ground and just stops, it's like an 80 minute long film that has been stretched to two hours. Another issue is that the second group of Characters just aren't as engaging as the gang of girl buddies we spend the first half with, the chicks in the first half jump from bar to bar, banter, listen to jukebox music and dance, their cool and fun to be around, giving the film a chilled out, vibe that is really infectious, it's a true hang out movie and these girls feel like they could be actual mates unlike the less believable bunch later on. The movie is broken in half by one of the most brutal car crashes ever filmed, and on multiple watches is noticeably not quite as good again after. For some reason Tarantino also mostly ditches the grainy film stock for the second half , robbing the film of it's grainy, textured look. I will say that i like the next group of ladies very much, Zoe Bell adds so much to the film, with her kiwi accent in tact and her stunt woman skills in full display she gives the film an added something, seeing the actual lead actress gripping onto the front bonnet of a speeding car and seeing that it's truly her adds a terrifying viscerality to the final chase, which by the way is one of the greatest car chases ever put on screen, there's a rawness to the length of it plus Zoe Bell's scary as fuck in camera derring-do that is incredibly thrilling. Plus Kurt Russel just owns the fuck out of every moment he's in, his Stuntman Mike is by turns charismatic, cool, vulnerable, creepy, repugnant, vicious, and even hilariously pathetic, it's a towering performance and an indelible, unique character. He makes the movie.

Heron F (ru) wrote: I started to watch this on Netflix as a lark. I was just going to watched the first 10 minutes but the acting and the directing started to come together after they made it to Cheer Camp. Funnier than I thought, with some heart and parody that made me laugh out loud. A good, light, not too serious of a move if your looking to waste some time on a Sunday. Pleasantly surprised.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 7/22/2016: A really good movie about a music icon. I'm not a big Foxx fan, but he killed it in this role. It was nice to see an honest biography.

JeanPhilippe G (ag) wrote: Rush Hour is one of the best if not the best buddy cop comedy ever made, having a strong lead performance of both Chan and Tucker who have an excellent chemistry together.

Danny R (jp) wrote: MOVIE REVIEW: "ELEPHANT" (2003) ****Gus Van Sant's powerfully unnerving film about two high school misfits, Alex and Eric well played by Alex Frost and Eric Deulen, who calmly plan a mass execution of their class mates and school administers like the massacre at Columbine. The real strength in this film lies in its power of observation, we get a brief glimpse into the young killers personalities, who are sexually confused, Hitler-loving dweebs, who get off on playing single-person shooting video games. But what makes it all the more chilling is that they don't seem any different from any of the other high schoolers. Brilliant cinematography by Harris Sadvides with those long steady-cam tracking shots really do a great job of putting you with the characters, as they walk the long endless corridors of their high school murdering innocent people. The supporting cast of mostly unknown actors all deliver fine naturalistic performances. I think the most disturbing scene in the film is when one of the killers turns to the other and tells him, "Most important, have fun man!" just before they begin their mass killing spree. Winner of the Golden Palm at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. A starling and unforgettable motion picture. Highly Recommended.