Bushido Man

Bushido Man

Toramaru, lord of integrated martial arts Mugen-ga-ryu, ends his training journey and visits his master, Gensai. "You have to duel with every martial arts master and win, in order to obtain their esoteric books of martial secrets." Receiving such an order from Gensai, Toramaru makes a pilgrimage around Japan and spends a year fighting. Through his fights with genuine masters in every martial arts such as kung-fu, stick fighting, sword fighting, and nunchaku, this film passionately tells what "Budo" is and what Bushido is. Full of fierce and diverse action! The original fighting movie is finally born here!

Toramaru, lord of integrated martial arts Mugen-ga-ryu, ends his training journey and visits his master, Gensai. "You have to duel with every martial arts master and win, in order to obtain... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa J (gb) wrote: Very interesting. Fracking happens all the time around where I live, but thankfully it's done in a much safer way.

Gavin B (us) wrote: So bad, it was almost good... almost, but not quite.

Luke R (jp) wrote: To its credit, the movie doesn't overstay it's welcome (short of 90 minutes duration) though I still felt it took a bit long to get into the story. Interesting concept, for sure, but the rest of the movie didn't deliver on its promise. Solid cast but there were no standout performances, maybe beyond Samuel L. Jackson who I always enjoy. Have a look if there's not much else around to watch.

Richard C (ru) wrote: To my mind, the best part of this movie is seeing China change as its economy and its influence expand. Truly, that country is entering in a new phase in its development and this thoroughly affects the environnement and the citizenry, both for good and/or ill.

Phillip R (ag) wrote: At 2 hours and forty-two minutes this documentary, which unfolds in almost complete silence, takes a bit of mental endurance to sit through. I figured if people can live their whole life like this, I could give up a few hours. This doc about monks living in a French monestary really gives a feel of what their lives are like. A lot of shuffling around, doing chores, and praying. Although successful on that aspect, because there is no narration this doc leaves you wanting to know why these people chose this life, how they divy up their duties and why they do the rituals they do. I don't recommend watching this movie with someone that has little patience, like my wife.

Kyle M (es) wrote: These kind of films have emotions and some kindness based on the tone and situations. In this film's case, the well-followed adaptation to its source material has the same tone starring the young Stewart sort-of pre-performing her Bella four years before her Twilight fame while Zahn performed with creativity from his artistic character. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

David J (jp) wrote: Fans of fast-paced thrillers will definitely enjoy "Point Blank." Fans of cohesive storytelling? Not so much.

Cameron S (au) wrote: Shortly after completing his fourth feature length directorial outing 'Sonatine' auteur Takeshi "Beat" Kitano had a self proclaimed "unconscious suicide attempt" when he drunkenly crashed his motorcycle in August 1994. After the accident it became common speculation that Kitano's depression was the catalyst for the brooding nihilistic nature of his first four films and that 'Sonatine' was a reflection of his emotional state whilst making them.The film follows Murukawa (played by Kitano himself) a Tokyo situated yakuza who is sent to Okinawa in order to settle a dispute between two different gang factions. Upon his arrival Murakawa realises that his presence isn't needed and, he, along with his gang, move to the beach to relive their adolescent happiness.In a cinematic sense 'Sonatine' is very similar to Kitano's earlier features; once again he adopts a minimalistic existential atmosphere and intertwines moments of surreal dream like beauty with harsh, unforgiving violence. Murukawa's obvious suicidal tendencies (established by a game of Russian roulette) are juxtaposed throughout the film by his childlike sense of humour and his quietly caring nature, in this sense Murukawa is elevated against Kitano's similar earlier characters resulting in a deeper feeling of gravitas.Musically Kitano once again returns to Joe Hisashi (most famous for his work with Studio Ghibli), who weaves an emotive score that compliments the film's beautiful imagery and thematics without being overly manipulative or relied upon.Overall 'Sonatine' is a moving character study about reservedness in Japanese culture and the impermanence of innocence, the film's poignant finale is arguably Kitano's most powerful to date and will stick with you long after the credits finish rolling. A true materpiece.

Scott J (ag) wrote: Great cast, great writing, and possibly the bleakest comedy you'll ever see.

Wayne T (ag) wrote: Great Spaghetti styled western from the late sixities.

Sylvain J (au) wrote: Dernier film du matre, presque trop sombre. Mais belle galerie de personnages fminins.

Ilsa L (ru) wrote: Despite a stellar cast, this is an ordinary melodrama hamstrung by a mediocre script and dreadful Swedish accents.

Paul C (it) wrote: I was a great fan of the original Bewitched & this had so much potential to provide us with great entertainment. There were instances where it was great fun but it missed the point. Samantha (played by Nicole Kidman) was lacklustre but better than Will Ferrell sank to a new low as an unfunny self centred actor who was no fun. With some real comedy this could have been a sparking movie but Writting / Director spoilt it.

Jeremiah Z (br) wrote: You Only live Once repose sur l'equilibre entre le romantisme et le pessimisme. Equilibre entre les deux tendances de ce pessimisme: la tendance sociale et la tendance metaphysique. Pour Lang, la societe, autant que sa condition, enferme l'homme dans un enfer ou son innocence entraine pour lui les memes consequences fatales que sa culpabilite.

Michael C (mx) wrote: One of the worst musicals ever made. This movie makes "The Apple" look like "Singing in the Rain". The popular musical this movie is based upon was fun and entertaining. The main reason why is because it did not take itself seriously and talented actors were cast in the respective roles. However this movie is just the opposite of that. The movie tries to be serious instead of fun and none of the actors can sing. The biggest liability is the horribly miscast Pierce Brosnan. Listening to him try to sing is excruciating. Well deserving of the Golden Raspberry Award (aka Razzie) for Worst Supporting Actor. None of the cast can sing. Watching attempt to do so is torture. If this is not bad enough Stellan Skarsgard gives us probably the most embarrassing (Not to mention completely unnecessary.) nude scene since the late Walter Matthau in "Grumpy Old Men". Do yourself a favor and instead just listen to an ABBA greatest hits album instead of wasting your time with this terrible movie.

Stanley C (de) wrote: Batman v Superman is well funded with a $250 million budget used on costumes, explosions and special effects, but Zack Snyder disappoints again with weak acting and poor writing and directing, and he's definitely no Christopher Nolan or Richard Donner. Hopefully, Justice League will be much better and be able to match the outstanding, superior-creative animated TV series and comic books.