A inept courier realises he has been used by criminals to deliver money. On the run from both the criminals and police, he poses as a Scout leader and leads a scout group on a hike through the mountains.

Poor Max Grabelski doesn't have any luck at all. On the run from authorities, Max poses as a scout leader on a camping trip. But he has no idea what he's in for when he has to lead a group of kids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bushwhacked torrent reviews

Shashia G (es) wrote: A lot of people apparently watched this film for an actor. I watched it because it's a Korean Historical film with sword fights and I wasn't disappointed. It's very sad and romantic [I don't mean that in a quivering lovelove kind of way]. Hwang was hands down my favorite character. Eccentric badasses are always a good addition.

Kelsey M (gb) wrote: 10/10 would recommend. huge twist at the end, you'll never expect it. the tire finds love. best hour and a half i've ever spent.

Zombie F (ca) wrote: Just think Resident Evil. Now remove the zombies and change "the Licker" to a mutant/vampire/zombie girl. There you go.It wasn't to bad of a movie until it got to the last few minutes then it just didn't feel right. Still worth watching if you like zombie or maybe vampire movies though.

Countess N (es) wrote: Recommended by DrLappos and Deano78.

Tino R (nl) wrote: A very fun and light-hearted movie.

Tim P (es) wrote: Funny movie, but it lacks much of a plot... Tells us very little about this futuristic alleged dystopia, and as far as I can tell it's not very dystopian. Aside from reprogramming people, the government doesn't seem very corrupt, if it contained the comedy bits along with a catching plot like Logans Run it may have been a decent movie, but unfortunately it's just goofy and plotless reminiscent of a 3 stooges bit...

Lucas N (it) wrote: Once again, Wayans finds a hot new movie and recreates it in a much less funny movie